Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Thing or Two About Hospital Visitors

We didn't have many visitors during our hospital stint. In fact, with family out of town, it came down to our favorite Sheriff and his caregiver for the week, my mom.

But with a baby in the NICU, worry on our hearts, and unclear sense of the future, it seems that two-year-olds know best how to keep everyone positive and full of life.

Appreciate the little things:

Although W couldn't meet his little brother, we decided to give him the present from John on one of his first visits. He was so excited to receive the Sky Predators that he couldn't stop looking at them long enough to "cheese" for the camera.

Build each other up:

We all needed his incessant requests for Daddy to wear the surgical cap and mask to match his own new dress-up accessory. We couldn't help but smile with that face!

Each day is full of small miracles:

Perhaps it's seeing your favorite helicopter. Maybe it's an ice cream date by the fountain with Daddy.

Thanks for being our Sheriff, kiddo, and bringing joy and love to our hospital stay!


Erin said...

Such a a good Sheriff! Hope all is going well this week :)

Nicole said...

Nothing like a little boy to make your time in NICU go by fast. I can still see Drake's worried face and Alec running through TCH's NICU waiting to see Mason.

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

This is so sweet and brought years to my eyes! That little guy is such a sweet bound I'm glad God was able to use him as a bright light during a tough time for y'all.