Monday, March 18, 2013

You Two

Dear Sheriff,

Your love for your brother is so visible, so tangible. Forgive me for hovering, for correcting, for stepping in. You are both so young. He is so physically fragile, and your kind heart is so emotionally fragile. I have to protect you both.

We are so proud of you for welcoming John into our home with such an open heart. We are so proud of you for growing with us as we all adjust to life as a family of four. I am learning from you every day. He seems to make you so happy during a sometimes difficult stage in your life as you are becoming more willful and independent.

He brings out your generosity, your gentleness, and a brotherly love that comes from within and pours outward.

I can't wait to see your response when the little guy is able to return that love in full force.

That little one whose hand you are holding will be forever connected to you whether life in miles  or circumstances drives you apart. You will always be his big brother and he your little brother. He will watch you, mimic you, learn from you. 

Cherish him in each stage of your lives. Be there for him through gladness and grief, and show him the joy of singing in the shower, the power of prayer, and the release found within a good cry. 

Our New Deputy,

You are one lucky boy. That fellow next to you has loved you from your very existence.  You light up a little when he talks to you, pats your back, holds you hand, and gives you one of his "gentle" hugs.  It seems that you already love him back in your own simple way. Thank you for being so open to his love. 

You're the little one but still a brother. Look up to him but always give him reason to look up to you as well.  Learn from him but show him that you've got a few lessons of your own as well.  Challenge him; grow together with him in this way. 

I pray for the two of you that God's loving arms may always be the first place you turn, and that this very faith carries you both wherever life leads. There is power within your two beautiful souls. 

May your lives forever be blessed because of each other. May you always be grateful for that gift.


Erin said...

Oh, these letters are too sweet. What a precious start to such a great relationship!

Jennifer said...

This is seriously the sweetest thing ever. The two of them playing together melts my heart!!

Elizabeth said...

This is so sweet!! They are going to be best friends!!

Andie said...

what a sweet post. :)

Natalie said...

Isn't it wonderful to see the big bro/lil melts my heart every time!

Nicole said...

I loved seeing the two of them together yesterday. It's beautiful to watch the sibling relationship as a parent.

Kat said...

these pictures are SO SO SO sweet. Ahhhh I can't get over how good he is

Meagan said...

Love this! Praying for a little brother for my toddler! Why haven't you linked up for click chicks missy?