Friday, June 21, 2013

One, Two, Threeeeeeee!

Dear Snorts,

That's my not-so-secret nickname for you this month, kiddo, as it's become your signature noise when you want food and want it now. I think it's how Daddy has come to realize that at that point it's not a matter of just comforting you.

Speaking of eating, this picture could stand alone as your three month recap:

You keep me on my toes (and on top of laundry) with your spit-up issues, but the good news is that you seem to be eating and gaining like a champ. These pictures were weeks ago, and as I write I know you are chunkier than this. I can't wait to see what you weigh at your four month check-up.

You are becoming full of personality, and for the most part, you are one happy boy. Your eyes grow big when you are interested in the silly noises we make "talking" with you, and your kicking legs give away your excitement at what we are saying.

If Wyatt is in the room, your attention is almost always directed his way. He's a caring big brother, and I'm excited to see the fun you two will have together as you grow.

You are becoming more smiley as I greet you each morning or after naps and have this silly, almost flirty way or moving your head side to side as you grin. 

And while this isn't exactly part of the "photo shoot," I love that you wear this look so often during play time. Thank you for filling my heart! 

 I'm fairly certain that your four month post will be titled "Rolling Right Along" as you are close to rolling from your back to tummy. You've rolled a handful of times from tummy to back, but I think it was quite by accident, and I'm not sure we can count that.

Such a handsome boy -- who tolerates diaper changes unless starving, is starting to move your feet around in the bathtub showing some interest in the whole process, and likes to be moving if in the car, enjoys being in sitting positions.

You were Christened this month, and we shared a great weekend with family and friends. I pray you will always recognize and love the Love within.


Joeylee said...

wow 3 months already?! he is so adorable. kendall had a huge smile on her face as she was looking at his pics and talking...hehe

Erin said...

Oh my word that big gummy smile! No wonder your heart is so full! Happy 3 months to the littlest member of the family :)

Mrs. Jones said...

So stinking cute!

Julie Rogers said...

He's so cute!!!! I love love love the smiles:)


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Awww, he is SO cute!!

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

I love that gummy smile! It's the best!

Kerry said...

Oh my gosh he is absolutely adorable!! What a beautiful baby boy he is, I bet your days are filled with love and laughter and special moments with those boys of yours!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 3 Months!
Just adorable!