Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Days Make Me Feel Fine

While the days are long and hot, time sure seems to be passing by rather quickly. It's almost July; our first-born is almost three. August will mark 6 months for the little guy, and we have lots going on in the meantime signaling that halfway to the big "1" is coming sooner than we know.

I've enjoyed the time off from blogging, time taken off not necessarily by choice but by children who often don't nap at the same time and nights with the couch and tv calling more loudly than the computer. 

Blogging makes my blessings more visible. It might be looking through phone pictures or while I clean the kitchen and think back on the morning or afternoon.  Perhaps it's when The Sheriff and I tell Daddy what we did that day.  When I have posts turning in my head, I notice the tiny moments, the moments I choose to carry from day to day, the ones that make me feel God smiling upon me. Sure, life is tough. There are tantrums, non-overlapping naps, spit-up sessions, hormonal ups and downs, more spit-up sessions, difficulties getting out of the door, a fussy baby, bathroom needs while mom is nursing (of course!), among others. 

But I want to take much more with me as we continue our journey. I choose the good.

Our little Deputy has been the center of focus around here lately. He's got his own Instagram hashtag after all. Part of that is so I don't fail in taking pictures of him as life gets busy. The other part is due to the fact that The Sheriff isn't always so obliging in having his picture taken.  Fair enough, I suppose. Although he's been here three short years, he does take up most of our hard drive space as it is! 

I decided to photo document our day yesterday with the focus on W in hopes of seeing just how much light and life happen in our day to day. It's been too easy to get stuck in a "this is so difficult" mindset. Thankfully, he was a willing subject. This post alternatively can be titled "Cheesin' Like a Boss."

Breakfast as "the little table" with The King. If Momma has cereal, guess what he's eating? If Momma has eggs, guess what he's eating? Convenient if nothing else! 

After fueling up, it was time for some racing with The King. It was a grocery store pick-up. I'm a sucker, but hey, if I get a full shopping in and the price is a small car/truck/plane/helicopter (oh, you know we check for helicopters!), I'm in.

I just discovered that one of our favorite books, Today is Monday in Louisiana, is a song, and we just might get to attend a concert if we are in LA at the right time.

W hasn't been into sitting down for crafting lately, so much heart fluttered when he gave an enthusiastic "yea!" when  I mentioned making an octopus. Lego airplanes also in attendance. We don't do much these days without some vehicle accompanying us.

After a trip to Dollar Tree and a bit of lunch, we played a bit more on the floor with anything that rolls.

J went down for a late afternoon nap, and my little sous chef wielded the mixer to help me make delicious muffins laden with zucchini and carrots. We threw chocolate chips in there for good measure, but hey, we got our veggies in too.

I didn't grab any baking pictures, and by the time they were in the oven it was time to make dinner. W didn't mind watching a bit of Super Why while I threw this pasta together. We did wagon wheels instead of rotini and deemed it "Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel Pasta." It didn't go over so well. Perhaps I shouldn't have left out the balsamic vinegar in my haste to get it done. Plus, I don't think wagon wheels are my favorite pasta. I'm more of an angel hair type of girl.

And guess what? Still cheesin' the next morning and so proud of his helicopter creations. He really does amaze me with his design skills sometimes.

I'm trying to wake up each morning reminding myself that each day is one less that he's so young and home with me.  I don't mean to be so gloom and doom about it. The reality is that while these days can seem so long, they are passing quickly, and I need to revel in the joys not the difficulties. 


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like y'all had a great day!! :) I love your last sentence "need to revel in the joys not the difficulties." I need to write this on a sticky or make it the lock screen on my phone so I have a constant reminder!

faith yates said...

gosh he really does have a great smile! it makes me smile when he smiles! finding joy in our everyday can be hard but you're doing a great job momma! sounds like a great day for y'all!