Friday, July 12, 2013

Bucket List Schmucket List -- Water Fun

I'm a fan of the bucket list. I also like plans. And schedules. And to-do lists.

Indeed it seems as if the bucket list fever has died down in blogland. and honestly, if I were to make one for this summer it would go something like:

*feed two boys daily
*feed myself daily
*keep two boys and myself clean daily
*keep two boys happy (and therefore myself happy) daily
*and somewhere along the way take care of my husband and house as best I can as well

If this were the case, we'd be cruising through summer mostly effectively thus far.  Venturing back to my liking of a good list, I appreciate having ideas and activities out on the table for memory making and hanging out together. While we didn't put anything on paper this year, we have had some summer fun together, and this space will hopefully serve us well to keep the memories alive.

Wait a second! There's no water in that picture! But there was at some point. This guy and I had a water gun fight before dinner with smiles all around.

While a backyard pool would be nice, it's been fun to get outside with The Sheriff in this little pool while little brother naps. It's now cracked in two places and you can't climb up onto the slide. This is it's second summer here, and I'd say we got our money's worth in use.

After a morning of squirrel watching from the window, some patio swimming was in store.

I have gotten a babysitter once a week here and there so W and I can enjoy some quality time together and hit the pools for water fun without worrying about the heat for the little guy.

 My best pool bud!

And on the weekends, we even let Daddy in on the fun! 

We have also enjoyed swimming and grilling with some good friends, and I can't believe we don't have any pictures from those fun weekend play dates. There's still time to work on that.

John hasn't met any water outside of his little bathtub yet. It won't be in the neighborhood pools but before the summer is over, he just might take a dip with us when we swim with friends.

And whatsoever would we do without Instagram?!?!


Nicole said...

I didn't get my list this summer either. And I feel like we haven't done much. I know we have and I need to evaluate and appreciate, but for now it seems like going through the motions. And I don't like that one little bit! Hope to see you soon! And that great smile of W's!

faith yates said...

that pic of W cheesin' is THE BEST! he has a great smile!! i'm realizing i'm not as big on plans and schedules really that much- i just like to control things, aka life, in my mind. but a bucket list would be fun i think. we haven't done much this summer.