Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving FOUR-ward

Sweet J,

I'm not so sure how you got this big this fast, but you are a newborn no longer and most certainly a sweet little baby. We won't count not sleeping through the night as a newborn thing, anyway right, and you are mostly sweet. There's a certain time period before bed where staying awake seems too much to bear but you aren't quite ready for sleep. You let us know how "off" you are feeling, and we are hopeful that you will settle into a nighttime routine soon. 

Those little hands grab anything they can. I mistakenly took you out under a tree for some pictures in your Number 4 tie in the middle of the afternoon but under a shady tree. It was a no go. BUT, you did come back with this handy piece of grass. 

Still long, little boy, but not quite as lean. You are "deceptively chunky" and still hang in the 30th percentile for weight and about the 70th for height.

Don't worry; I watched you carefully from behind the lens as most things that you do grab head straight to your mouth these days. Dr. G says your gums are a bit swollen but not to expect anything just yet.

I was right about the rolling business. While you didn't roll exactly on your four month birthday, it was within the next two weeks (close enough!). Now we can't keep you on your back, and you get mighty frustrated once you have managed to get to your tummy and your little neck is just tired of holding up that head of yours.

Yet, before that frustration you are quite proud of yourself.

You are a chatty, but quiet little guy. I say this because you talk often but you aren't a shrieker. Your laughter is even more muted, but you make the sweetest faces to accompany it. "Oooohhhh, oooohhh, ooooohhh" is your favorite thing to say and hear, and we have lately gotten W to oblige. He enjoys getting in your bed when you wake in the morning, and as you are becoming more active, I can see that he's so ready to play with you, and you are lighting a spark in his heart as well.

You have discovered your feet and think they are just the best. In fact, when eating, you hike one leg up like you want to grab it at any moment if you weren't already occupied.

We love you so much little fellow and pray you always feel peace and love from the three of us!


Amber said...

Happy 4 months! He has the cutest little smile.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, he's too cute for words!
Happy 4 months!

Natalie said...

I can't believe he's 4 months...he's such a cutie!

Andie said...

he is growing up so fast! and he is just too precious! Love those big blue eyes! :)

faith yates said...

you know it's a crazy catch-up day when i'm commenting on both his 4th month post AND 5th month post. happy seriously belated 4th month little guy!!!!