Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List -- Play Like a Kid

Some mornings, perhaps more than I'd want to admit, I get caught up in the household management routine. There's getting everyone fed and sometimes dressed; breakfast dishes to clean or a dishwasher to unload; or perhaps laundry to put in, take out, or put away. I sometimes have emails calling my attention, and sometimes Momma just has to get a shower in before afternoon naps.
It's all gotten more complicated with another little guy in the mix. 

I have to remind myself to snatch the moments of play each day offers, and it's often during our little Deputy's morning nap that I give it my best shot. I don't always make the most of these moments for the reasons listed, but when I take the time to be fully present and allow myself to play like a kid again, we sure have lots of fun around here.

I also have to remind myself of a preschooler's narrow world. We have quite a few air vehicles in this house, and by quite a few, I mean a boatload, so when the idea popped into my head to have an air show, I knew I was on to something.

The Sheriff's eyes lit up as his little three-year-old voice asked,"What's an air show?" My first thought was, "An air show. You know--an air show," and then I remembered that he should have no idea what an air show is. He's never attended one, seen one on TV, read about one. 

We quickly gathered an audience of stuffed animals waiting patiently in W's room for just such an occasion, and we crafted admission tickets complete with stickers and a hole punch for the records.

In my best announcer's voice, I took us through the show and described planes, helicopters, and even the sole space shuttle, as they flew around the room.

As the show drew to a close, we offered plane rides to willing guests,

and the photographer was even on site for complimentary pictures.

I really do get lost sometimes in the routine of the day-to-day caring for these little guys.   If I had a bucket list this summer, embracing the lighthearted spirit of a child and hosting an air show would certainly be on it!


Natalie said...

You are such a good momma!

Andie said...

I love this idea! It is brilliant!

Great job!

Faith Yates said...

you guys have the most fun and most creative play time! you are the best mama!