Friday, September 20, 2013

Belated Birthday

Someone turned another year old a few weekends ago, and we like to call that someone "Daddy" around here!

He's part football fan, part foodie. He's my go-to tech guy and The Sheriff's #1 helicopter artist.  A little husband, a little Daddy, a whole 'lotta love!

We celebrated his big day (which always falls somewhere near NFL opening weekend) by trying to allow him to watch as much football as he could, and we threw in some homemade queso and salsa for game day snacking.

Daddy and his Tex-Mex prodigy 
In a not-so-impressive attempt to capture the weekend, I did manage a blurry phone picture of my sous chef helping to create a birthday dirt cake. Little Man's eyes lit up when he realized the big bowl we put the dessert into wasn't all for Daddy but for us all to share. I can't help but laugh at how he must have been so concerned in his head about Daddy having such a big bowl and the rest of us not having any!

Apparently at bedtime, W and Daddy discussed his birthday present weeks before the big day, and when helicopter jammies were proposed (by the little guy, not J of course), we rose to the challenge.

Helicopter artist

plus special printer iron-on paper

Add caption
and we have helicopter jammies success!

While celebrating with the kiddos is a lot of fun, I have to take a moment to celebrate how wonderful my husband truly is. I ran across the following quote about Daddy falling apart in Waiting for Birdy ( a must read my friends!) and couldn't help but think of J. 

He doesn't break down. He's held me up more times than I can count. He loves me. I love him. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

And to that--Cheers Honey! (Now you can throw the card away. It's documented properly. :)


Faith Yates said...

seriously cute post. and awesome shirt! you are so creative my friend. belated happy bday to your hubby.

Nicole said...

Happy B-day to J! And those jammies! That is the best gift ever. Those helicopters are so like Snoopy over here. See you soon!!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to your husband! And what a great artist W is...LOL Nolan can't do anything like that ha ha!