Wednesday, July 30, 2014

W on Wednesday

Scene : The boys' bedroom about 8:15. J was already asleep, and Momma laid with W for a bit. The following whispers ensued.

W : Maybe we can play Paw Patrol tomorrow. I will be Chase. John will be Rocky. You can be Sky. And Abram will be Rubble.

M :  Ok. Sounds good.

And then it gets deep. Turns out our family has one girl and Paw Patrol has one girl.

W : Why do you think our family just has one girl.

M : Because that's how God made us.

W: Why does Paw Patrol just have one girl?

M : Hmmmm. I'm not sure. Why do you think?

W: Because that's how God made them.

And they wouldn't have anyone to make their food. And fly.

Apologies, future daughter-in-law. I'm working on it. This guy makes a mean pizza, and I just taught him my guacamole recipe. We are getting there.

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Faith Yates said...

he is such a sweetheart and you are such a great mama! can i get that guacamole recipe or better yet can i borrow W for a day and he can teach me? :)