Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol Action

And we're live!

Thoughts of an American Idol Viewer:

7:08ish Randy Jackson notes not the song for Anoop? Hmmm. I thought he rocked it.
And Simon "A complete and utter mess...gave me a headache." You know, I don't think he did that poorly.
He's not my favorite, but it was entertaining after all. I don't understand the whims of an American Idol judge, or will I venture to say of producers nudging their commentary? They ask him to give some showmanship, and the guy went for it. Commercial--let's rewind and check it out again. After watching a bit again, I am thinking--he's not Usher, and I don't feel that he tried to be. He did the song well in his own way. It wasn't worth the bashing.

We'll see what happens with the rest of the show.

7:17 Megan Joy (spelling?) Now this is not entertaining. We saw what happened with the last long haired fella who sang Bob Marley AND this girl sounds like the crooning blond from last season who simply tanked.
Next. I do not care to discuss the judge's comments at all. They are dead on.

Break--ok, Apple is there an app that feeds me while I attempt to keep up with American Idol, blog, eat my pork loin, and be a semi-decent conversationalist with my husband?

Question inside my head that I don't want to ask out loud, "Is pork red meat?" I am thinking, no, it's "the other white meat," but what qualifies it as such?

7:27 Danny will knock this out!

7:30 Confirmed.
I question where he could go upon winning though. Taylor Hicks ring a bell? I love his voice, but I wonder if he's got the pop star factor to take him to the next level.

7:33 Allison with "Don't Speak"--This girl's got a great voice--Kelly Clarkson-esque. I don't feel that his was all that entertaining of a performance, but I'm guessing the judges will adore her.

7:35 Well, well, Randy might prove me wrong. Nope, he's discussing wardrobe. Come on--that's Paula's role.

Missed the time- In the real world, kitchens demand cleaning.
Scott taking on Billy Joel. His work is cut out for him from my perspective. I just saw that legendary Piano Man on stage with Elton John in a phenomenal display of the showmanship only those two can give.

Scott's doing a good job. I don't think he sounds at all like Joel but does sound quite nice. The judges will surely praise his vocals.

Commercial break and checking Facebook. A friend posted a link to healthy chocolate chip cookies. I'm doubtful but will be trying this weekend and posting the results and recipe.

7:53 I enjoy Matt. Hopefully he shines tonight. I'm not a huge Fray fan, but I think he can knock this out. He's a less pompous J.T. in my opinion. How to make a Fray song pleasing to my ears? Throw some Matt G on it! I adore the raspy take on this hit and his high pitched spin on the end.
A beauty.

Wow, Paula bashes the voice I loved. "Not a good commercial song"--I will give you that one, but this criticism is beyond me.
He made his J.T. voice work for The Fray--why box him in judges?
"You'll have to commit?" Seriously? Can't he rock out any genre you throw at him? I don't see a problem with that.
Apparently my musical ear and individual taste appear NOT to qualify me to judge music.

8:00 Lil
(Ok, girlie, you have pipes.) Thank you judges for pointing out her dullness.
What a cute kid! How tired she must be. I thought her intentions were to punch him; now she's falling asleep on his shoulder?

Now I know why I watch most television minus commercials. I hate waiting. When did I become so impatient. Particularly for shows like American Idol that I could indeed miss and my world would continue turning, I seek to plunge through it as quickly as possible.

8:09 Adam's up. He's a freak, but an adorable one at that. Wild Cherry and Funky Music? Go for it kid!
Husband chimes in, "This kid's pretty good."
Interesting. I thought he would have tore him up. He did note that it's pretty cheesy.
Adam, hon, you are a rock star! I'd have your children if they received vocal genes from you. Problem is that I'm a bit married and I'm thinking genetics don't necessarily work that way.
He's amazing! I just might vote tonight.

Whoa, Paula, whoa! Jagger, Tyler, and Lambert?
Let's hold that comparison until he wins, or comes in a close second after votefortheworst.com attempts to dethrone him from the kingdom of followers he's creating, the judges save him, and they try again. Furthermore, considering he does win, the question then becomes, can today's music scene produce legends like leads of The Rolling Stone and Aerosmith? Questionable. I'm not ready to buy this quite yet.

One more--great! I'm about done for the night.
8:18 Kris hasn't impressed me, and he better bring the SOUL to get me this week.
To sing this song you've got to bring it from the deepest pits of your inner being with a yearning almost unspeakable, almost un-singable.
Did he do it for me? It was good. Kid's melting young hearts all over. It was beautiful.

Husband peeps in again, "Why does she always have to count how many words she will use?" I'm guessing she has to prove that she can count after last week's counting challenge.

Should I jump off this computer and pick up the phone, I'd spend some time attempting to connect for Matt for a couple of reasons, one being I enjoyed his performance and the other for spite. I might even send in one for Adam and one for Kris and one for Danny. The boys are tearing it up this season; it's time to send the boring ladies packing.
Am I voting though, nah. I'm saving my dialing digits for reality shows to come.

Good Night!

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Shelly said...

ok so jb i can't agree with you on this commentary for american idol. i have actually watched more american idol this year than the any, possibly with the exception of year one. and the talent pool is...poor! most nights, i can barely stand to hear the performances, usually only 2-3 are even pleasing to my ears. my comments on the contests:

Anoop--fun and energic, a natural and actually has a pretty good voice but people won't see him as serious enough to actually be a contender
Megan- different but no way. i do applaud her though
Danny--sappy vote of course and can sing but doen't know how to get to the wow factor. i have never seen him sing and said, wow! that was really good. never.
scott--he isn't up to par with the rest of the group singing wise. he plays nice piano but that is it. he should not win.
allison- actually don't like her at all and i do love some raspy voices. too young and i find she screams a lot.
matt--oh man how to say it politely--nowhere NEAR as good as he thinks. that fray performance was BAD and he is so so cocky! jenn i can't believe you find him LESS cocky than JT. there is absolutely no way he could ever win.
lil-not good enough. girls in this year are WEAK!
adam is too theatrical and what is with all the freakin makeup and crazy hair. he isn't the guy they make him out to be...dark.
kris-now this should be the winner, hands down. he is consistently good and has presence. he is adorable and people seem to like him. he should win but i am sure it will be danny or scott. i would not listen to 1 song either of them put out. i really don't think they are that good.