Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mad, Madder, Maddest in March


Weekend 2 of March Madness rolls around, and while it's been my best showing in years, my final four was still in trouble. What were you thinking CC (that's me if you haven't read the other blogs yet--Cajun Cowgirl)? Purdue beating Connecticut? What kind of far-fetched pick is that? Turns out, they are one of two No. 1 ranked teams that did not fulfill the prophecies set before them. Unfortunately for me, I hadn't predicted this.

Lacking in knowledge of past tournaments despite filling out a bracket for the last 7, I feel that this year held so many Elite Eight upsets. You can call it madness, Dicky V, or you can call it magic. What amazes me this year in particular is the unpredictability of it all. Therein lies the madness.

We don't like this very much do we? Some committee deems a team worthy of a No. 1 seed, and we trust your judgment and expect that their performance will follow suit. Why would Villanova pull it out in a nail-biter against Pittsburg? Shouldn't Pitt be so sound a team as to coast over a 3 seed in order not to destroy my bracket. Come on, Pitt, were we in your minds at all?

However, "my heart leaps up," not beholding such rainbows in the sky, but beholding my adopted-via-great-friends Sparties taking it to No 1 seed Louisville. This year I understand that "March Madness" is clever sportswriter speak for The Paradox that is the Love of Ranking and Following NCAA Basketball Teams Compete for the National Championship. Madness = wrath at teams predicted to do play well and advance, so you choose them and they lose. Madness = elation of an upset in spite of your bracket choices.

At the end of the day, the end of this tournament weekend, I have the opportunity to cheer on two favorites Saturday for two different reasons. Michigan State's Sparties have a spot in my heart. North Carolina Tarheels have a spot on my bracket. In fact, the only spot of potential accuracy of bracket picks remaining to be highlighted instead of Xed out. But what do I know? I'm still in this thing. First time ever? Maybe. I'm not so sports savvy as they boys to remember these occurrences, but maybe that's why I get excited and involved each year and watch as the whims of the tournaments winds will whirl their workings as they wish.

And my husband's bracket? Let's just say of the two of us, madder in March fits him nicely.

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