Friday, March 27, 2009

Sale Alert

If you know me, and those of your currently reading this blog REALLY know me as I have yet to hit my Internet debut, you know that I arrived late to the party that is the fashion world. I hated dresses as a child. Little seventh grade Sirena states it best. The trip to Dillards with Mom as a child terrorized the Saturdays I thought should be spent playing tackle football with the boys of Summerfield subdivision. Regardless, there were puffed sleeves and white lace pantyhose to be had, and well, Jewels hooked it up so I had them.

Little Cajun Cowgirl (CC) floated through the years in South LA donning frilly pieces when called upon. After all, I was voted "Most Dependable" in high school. Fighting hard throughout the primping and always caving in the end, I found myself a princess on Sundays and other such special occasions. What can I say--well, for one, I know I can't say no.

Although I found myself more interested in what G.I. Joe armory would protect my overgrown Barbie house in the younger years, somewhere along the road as a high school and then college student, I suddenly discovered that I had no fashion sense. I did my best to get by, but until recently I felt hopeless in my attempts to embrace the latest trends or even peg myself as a master of the classic look.

Perhaps the boy scene changed my perspective, or perhaps I decided that the lyrics to "New Orleans Ladies" called for just that. No way my mother would have guessed I'd be blogging about dresses in my late twenties. At the end of the day, I find myself drawn to classy, last through the trends pieces. They suit my practical side of shopping, and if I can find semi-trendy, yet classy outfits that deceive me into feeling like a Hollywood hottie, even better. I'll peek into Nordstrom, Juicy, SAKS, and their friendly counterparts, but if I can grab something cute at a bargain, I'm the style winner every day of the week.

Check out these Old Navy summer greats. Teachers live for summers off, but this year I am teaching on the Rice campus and need professional clothes that will offer the coolness factor as relief from Houston heat. A few of these will require a sweater or perhaps lightweight shrug (how about that one you fashionistas!), but especially for such a great price, they'll transform the campus sidewalk to a style-setting catwalk.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe somehow I ended up reading your older posts and this made me smile; I have absolutely no fashion sense until today. I'm more inclined to wear jeans a tee and flip flops than anything fru fru lol