Saturday, March 21, 2009

So They Say You're A Rock Star

My wonderfully exotic and uniquely inspirational friend Michelle deemed me a rock star on my Facebook wall, comparing me to a "cute blond thing with a killer voice." I must say that I question her hearing. Maybe I'm blond. Maybe I can be cute. I am fairly certain, no, I am 100 hundred percent, stake both of my opposable thumbs (yes, both) that a killer voice I have not.

I love singing. I love music. I love how my entire persona can be shaped by a tiny note or apt phrase. I love the power of song. That's a credit to my dad. We'll call him the Cardinal of Song. He's the father of a rock star. I think he knows it.

As noted, however, pleasing, or sometimes even tolerable, sounds do not exit my mouth at almost any point during my self-produced tracks. These tracks are mostly covers of the likes of Elton John, Jewel, Sugar Land, Hova, Chris Tomlin, Jimmy Buffet, or Kenny Chesney to name a few, but I have collection enough to tour.
This I do. It's a must. You sing, and the world will sing with you. That's just the key: music moves people, so you can move people.

What I can say is this- Michelle knows me, the real me. She knows that indeed there is a tiny rock star in my soul that bursts through when I am home, when I am who I was created to be.

If I were a philosopher, and maybe we are all in some manner, but a published and perhaps notable philosopher, these five musical truths might backbone my thoughts:

1. Shakespeare claims, "All the world's a stage." I say, "One's shower makes for one helluva sold out venue."
2. Cleaning without music is like writing with a dull pencil. It's possible but certainly not enjoyable.
3. Thin walls mean sing louder; your children will appreciate it one day.
4. Mosquitoes, bananas, falling apart, falling in love, redneck women, the state of Missouri, soul searching, soul burning, strokin', praise, thanksgiving, and petitioning all make for splendid lyrics.
5. Everyone has an inner rock star; some simply choose to ignore it, hoping it will disappear. Others suppress it in fear of judgment. Still others recreate it constantly to blend with their surroundings.
Yet, some, seek and find it, nourish and embrace it, and share it with others, cultivating a world of expression around them. It is this rock star, vocal talent optional, that should we all strive to be, what sweet, sweet music our world might call out in each other.

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Michelle said...

You're awesome, Jelly Bean. Love you!