Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cry Me a River--Of Tequila?

No, this post will not reference drowning sorrows to be left with a killer hangover post pity-party drinking session. Rather, it's my response to the news that J.T. (yes, Justin Timberlake, that same trendsetter that, dressed to the nines, can tickle the ivories while luring in the ladies with "Senorita" and tickle America with digital shorts about gifts in boxes on SNL) is crossing into the marketing realm with the launch of a new tequila. Stylelist covers the new product's name and notes its release date in May in selected cities, mine not one of them.

First, I think the guy's like Obama in the sense that as an pop culture icon, he can do no wrong. Coincidentally, he even campaigned heavily for our new Commander in Chief ever so smoothly with his current Hollywood beauty. J.T. has made intelligent (and money-making) decisions in the past, minus well, the whole dating Brittney Spears issue. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake, though, if you consider that tracks written and produced as a result. Let's just say he was refining his taste as he moved on to the likes of Sco. Jo, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel.

Yet, part of me wants to yell, "Stick to your genre, bro!" (I don't know that I'd call him bro. Have to think about that one.) Is he the type of "Renaissance Man" our culture produces? Perhaps. I just don't feel that people need to tiptoe into the waters of every ocean, sea, river, or even bayou available. I don't think his musical career will suffer in any sense with this new pursuit. I do wonder if his bottles will include the worm.

While I appreciate the adventurous spirit of a pop star, I hope it does not validate this need in our society to invest ourselves in anything possible to make another dollar or busy ourselves in seeking fame or confirmation.

But, hey, I'll try anything once.

Why not order your 901 with a couple of limes, and of course, bring on the SALT!

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