Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who's on Guard?

"What's Your Cooking Personality?" captured my attention while browsing through my Google Reader a couple of nights ago. Apparently, now added to my list of demands as a full-grown, working adult (that sounded a bit like a breed of dog if I must admit) are the responsibilities of the "nutritional gatekeeper." According to studies, I am responsible, as the purchaser and provider of most meals in our household, for approximately 70% of what my family (currently my hubby and I) eat. I wasn't sure that I signed up for such a task! I'll see what I can do, and I started already by testing my food personality.

However, quite the conundrum appeared as I sat down, after eating a lovely self-prepared chicken salad for dinner I might add (hint...hint...). Given the five questions, can we really pinpoint my cooking personality? Especially when I have at least two responses that fit me well for each question?

Regardless, here lies the conclusion revamped by my own assessment that several of the categories fit what I believe to be my cooking personality: I am a methodical, healthy cook.

What does this mean? According to the Cornell researchers, I rely a great deal on recipes (check), consider health as a primary focus in preparing meals (check--well, most of the time), and sometimes sacrifice taste for health (check). They pegged me. I'll take it.

Hopefully my husband will as well, as the one inside the walls of the "nutritional gateways" of our household. Embellishing his Saturday morning pancakes with the likes of fresh fruit, I embraced my cooking personality with pizazz. but who doesn't love a bowl of natural goodness?

Luckily for him, I haven't boxed myself in. Life's an exploration as is the kitchen and each meal (dessert included) holds opportunity for adventure. You might just choose the low-fat route, but yes, add the SALT!

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