Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Facebook Lists

With Facebook's listing of favorite movies, songs, books, ice cream flavors, brands of nail polish, choices of health care providers, ok, yes I'm clearly toying with a ball full of ridiculousness; however, the thought of sorting through posts of people's "favs" from not only friends, but mere acquaintances, stresses me out. Yet tonight, I have a bit of a list of my own.

Just last week I heard a song from my high school angst that ran into college drama (a more mature strand of angst) from the Dawson's Creek soundtrack, and it reminded me of the joys of the undiscovered-by-the-mainstream-media song. No, I am not claiming to have the sole magical power of finding new artists or even to listen only to unpopular musical melodies and give up on them when the cool kids hear about them. It's not that at all.

I simply enjoy good music. Television and movie soundtracks have given me songs that inspire me, save me, uplift me, depress me, and that let me be me.

I apologize in advance for the mass listing from Dawson's Creek and please note the following are in no particular order.
Without further adieu...

1. "Ready for a Fall" by PJ Olssen (Dawson's Creek)--vulnerability--yes!
2. "Any Lucky Penny" by Nikki Hassman (Dawson's Creek)
3. "Stay You" by Wood (Dawson's Creek)--I wanted to marry a man who felt this way about me, and as God would have it, he's by my side every day and night, over every hill and in every valley.
4. "Cellophane" by Amanda Ghost (November Rain)--killer raspy voice perfect for angst, drama, being on the verge of angry tears, or just plaing p-o'ed
5. "Touched by an Angel" by Stevie Nicks (November Rain)--yes, well-known perhaps, but lovely just the same.
6. "I'll be Okay" by Amanda Marshall (My Best Friend's Wedding)--who hasn't lost a crush or significant other (can they be that significant in high school?), but we all recover, don't we?
7. "You Don't Know Me" by Jann Arden (My Best Friend's Wedding)--that crush you lost and recovered from in #6--this refers to him.

Yes, there are more, but these gems seared permanent emotional dents into my heart, and these ridges of joy, grief, anger, ____(insert passionate emotion here)___ shape who I am today.
Now I've got some CDs to dig out and music to listen to.

PS--I held off on the complete listing from Dawson's Creek. Really, buy the entire soundtrack. Excellent!

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