Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sure, talk to the players, but what do the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends think?

Down...Set...Hike...What's this I hear? Increase the number of games in an NFL season? Prepare your calendars, ladies, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hopes to increase the number of in-season games as early as August 2011. What does this mean for us? Well, those pre-season games that we can sometimes lure our men away from because the stars they want to see only play at the beginning and the Ws and Ls don't count, just might disappear. This means that the Sundays dedicated to football simply begin earlier on the calendar year. I, for one, am not quite sure I'm ready for such jumpstarting an already lengthy Fall full of college games Thursday through Saturday night and NFL games Sunday and Monday.

With earnest dedication, this Sugar Land spousal team spends many hours parked in front of the television for the gridiron battles. Although as a teacher it seems that I'm running two-a-days during these early school months, I attempt to take in the sports extravaganza that is football season. By December, though, I'm wearing thin. The metaphorical muscles used in wishing for alternatives on the tube or the joints worn out from the guilt of keeping my husband away from the games (he's not that bad reallyl) yearn for a relief.

Secondly, I question if this decision accounts for the players' true interests as it seems that injury looms ominously overhead for players required to compete in longer seasons. Apparently the players' union will be involved in this deal, and hopefully with the discussion of more bye weeks and perhaps with the more advanced methods of preparing in the off-season, these threats can be avoided.

Goodell also mentions the possibility of playing these added games abroad. Yes, perhaps increasing the international interest in the NFL is beneficial for marketing and money-making, but what about the dedicated NFL fans living here under the Red, White, and Blue? Especially in today's economy, who can afford to travel to England to watch early season games? Further, who wants to pay for these games that perhaps will only be covered on the NFL Network?

Why am I complaining that these games will not be viewable to the average fan after complaining that the NFL season already wears me out? One reason: I know the euphoria my husband finds himself in during the Fall, and I wish that for every day of his life.
Plus, sharing in it while cheering on the Texans (this is the year you know) is a nice fit for a Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps to avoid the Fall football fatigue I need to work out more in the pre-season, building endurance to make it to the end. I'll start Thursday with a four day stint of more college basketball. Bracket updates to follow.


Suzanne said...

Noooo!! This is the worst news I've heard in a long time :( We need more girl tv to balance this out, I believe. Any ideas???

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Perhaps more of those "Making of a Texan Cheerleader" type of feature.