Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming Soon...Adam Lambert starring as Judas in Broadway's "Jesus Christ Superstar"

While I am not giving a complete breakdown of tonight's show, and I may regret failing to discuss Paula's reliance on cliche upon cliche, it must be noted that should some genius in high places in the musical production industry (who will be paid more than me for realizing this) decide to recast and produce Andrew LLoyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, he would miserably disservice the industry in failing to seek Adam Lambert to drive the hit production to its highest levels perhaps ever. Yes, that statement I am making.

The Cardinal of Song (also known as my loving father) gave me one of the most beautiful gifts of my life in taking me as a child to see Jesus Christ Superstar FRONT ROW with the original Judas (Ben Vereen) and Jesus (Jeff Fenholt)from the 1971 Broadway premier. My breath can't capture the emotions I felt that night in mere syllables. I will not try.

Paradoxically, I had the pleasure and perhaps displeasure of seeing the show again years later with my father and took my husband along as well. The musical itself, imprinted in my mind as it is, will place a smile upon my heart every time I see it; however, this particular production (2003) cast Sebastian Bach as Jesus, and his awkward stance while belting out songs included, I could not reconcile this casting choice in my mind.

The quality and persona of the singer must be apt, and there is no relevant singer more qualified for the role of Judas than A.I.'s top performer this season.

This movie clip above does not highlight the talents of Mr. Veneer, so check out below and listen for moments you can clearly hear Lambert's pipes melting your heart in this role:

He's money!

Yet, while investigating, a sudden shift in mind brought me to wondering whether he might play a better Jesus. Check it out (give it a good three minutes to get to the key notes):

So what shall it be? Cast him as Judas or Jesus? Thoughts? While the musical centers on the life and times of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the musical and movie would flop without the vocals of Judas. I'm sticking with my original casting, and if you have not seen the movie in it's entirety--check it out. If you have the opportunity to see the musical, it's one not to miss.

Check Lambert out below. I apologize in advance for the quality (as well as for the time you spent checking out each of these YouTube videos). Is four in one post a record?

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