Monday, April 6, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

And we're gonna get married...Well, perhaps if your groom can actually reach you over mounds of tulle in order to kiss the bride. It's stylelist's Bridal Fashion Week . Ok, I'd get married again--showers, fancy paper, dainty flowers, an adoring groom, that "bridal glow,"...oh the joys, well, minus the guest list, the decisions, the long distance planning, the fittings, -Time Out- don't need that stress again. But then again, this time I just might hire my Blue-Eyed-Bride friend from LA Tech. I'd entrust every last detail of my day to her and wish I had known her talents while planning my big day.

Surely Mrs. B.E.B. would veto any suggestion of my wearing what stylist rhetorically questions, "Who wouldn't want to get married in it?". Awarded "the most wearable wedding dress," this table of fabric might be perfect to rest a cocktail upon at the reception or maybe even fuction as a winterland of twirls in a sort of blizzardy Mariachi dance. Those ladies can work it!
Seriously, who would not want to get married in it? Me, that's who.

Reason #1--I might have to accent with that thing on my head. Not happening.

Reason #2--It would be impossible to "Footloose" line dance in such a gown.

Reason #3 and perhaps the most important--who wants to exchange vows with 5 feet of tulle in between you and the man with whom you will spend the rest of your life?

Call me too practical; call me out of touch with the bridal trends of the 21st century. At least my husband didn't have to call me over mounds of too expensive wedding gown to let me know he'd taken me "to have and to hold" for the rest of his life.

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