Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ha Ha Google...Very Funny

April Fool's Wishes to you too Mr. Google!
(Yes, I am aware that there is not a man (or woman) named Google who invented this tiny gem of email goodness.)

Seems they are quite witty though in the attempts to pull one over on us. The top of my Gmail Inbox greets me with "New! GmailAutopilot," and I of course in attempts to keep up with my techno guru husband thought I'd check it out and have a topic of conversation already locked and loaded for the dinner table. With claims that it is "The easiest email could possibly be," I read on and desperately searched for a link to add this apparent lifesaver to my account while at the same time pondering in my head just how this would work. Would I set it to only autopilot messages to certain people? What if it mirrors my style to the degree of sending a response to my boss that might look the same as a response to my jesting husband?

Ding...Ding...Ding...The bell rings in my head, and the lightbulb flashes on. It's April 1, and surely this is Gmail's excuse for a tiny laugh.
They had one at my expense...just for a moment though. My gullibility is disappearing in my older age it seems.

I leave this post wondering, though, if I am mistaken in my assertion. Guess I've got that gullibility thing working for me after all.

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