Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not So Kid Friendly

So I never signed any statement agreeing to keeping this blog G-rated, and Cajun Cowbaby is still in the belly with plenty of padding to serve as baby-muffs for now. Hence the following link for the tried and true LOST fans to prep for another gripping episode of the show's final run.

My students asked the other day (those 2 that actually might still watch it, and they're twins!), "Are you a Jack and Kate fan or a Sawyer and Kate fan?" which of course translates into a "Who do you think it hotter?" question. With no hesitation I replied that their question (twins right?) is a no-brainer -- the answer's Sawyer and Kate.

Just as the answer to who's your favorite of the Charles Darnay/Sydney Carton doppelganger in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities requires no debate -- Sydney Carton.

When I imagine both Sawyer and Carton living in my world (no, not the one with the meerkats, the normal one, where I see television and novel characters as real people with whom I'd interact), I see them as Southerners, and what's so important about that? Southern men have a certain grit about them. They aren't perfect. Yes, I realize neither Jack nor Charles Darnay are glowing men of perfection, but their life struggles aren't as seemingly charming. One doesn't imagine a "yes ma'am" coming from a dimpled smile after our imagined Southern gents allow their grit to get the best of them. Maybe a Darwin argument? Could it be their rugged imperfection that lets their "mate" or wife, girlfriend, ok, or just crushing fan, know that this man would spend his entire life wrecking shop on those who tried to get to you or get in the way of your love, thus increasing chances of survival?

Is this discussion at all a little strange? Yes. But who hasn't had similar conversations before about the entertaining, yet completely unreal characters in our lives?

All this from a clip of some of Sawyer's best moments. Again, I never said I'd keep these musings clean.

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Erin+Josh said...

I love this post, even though I differ in opinion. I have always been a Jack/Kate fan. Jack has more skills in my view. Surgeon! And I've never been drawn to the long hair'ed type. I think reckless/dangerous Kate balances Jack. And sweet quiet Juliet balanced Sawyer. Alas, she's "dead," Lost style.