Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meerkat Monday and March Madness Finale


Returning to work after a three-day weekend.
Opening Day -- Astros.
NCAA basketball championship game.

A blow-out Duke victory? Perhaps, but exciting?

What I have to offer you on top of this trifecta of weak sauce is your weekly meerkat update. I pictured you, faithful followers, staying up to your latest imagined minute last night while soaking in a hot tub of Sunday blues and refusing to sleep so you would not have to wake up for another Monday and another week of work, and worry not, I took comfort in the knowledge of your hearts resting in realization that yes, tomorrow might be Monday, but Mondays mean Meerkats.

Here's what we've been up to lately.

Wednesday brought slight devastation to the CC household. Turns out, the beta "FISH," further renamed Gerard, had returned to the ocean in the sky. It was a good year and a half, but alas, I came home and there he was, not "belly up" as everyone says, but lying sideways on the bottom of the bowl. At school Thursday I told the students who brought him to the class last year I had bad news and then grabbed my camera to show them. Their response, "You took a picture of it????" Little do they know, Meerkat Monday readers want the whole truth!

For some reason all of the Mkats were in hiding on Thursday. Perhaps they were grieving. I did manage some excellent food porn after trying my hand at Soba Noodles with Asparagus and Scallops. After chasing some down miso paste and never finding mirin, I decided this dish makes better food porn than good eats. The ginger, of which I am normally a fan, made it too sweet for me. Next time I'll try this. Savory is more my style. Soba noodles themselves are nothing short of a win though!

Friday's theme (outside of the whole observance of Good Friday) was "In Defense of Yard Art." While I sat outside (little did I realize burning) in my preggers tank top and shorts reading Middlesex, the Mkats found themselves where they were truly intended to reside--a garden. Now what you are about to see is not just any garden; it's a make-shift home to the fine collection of yard art of which we are the owners thanks to ALL of the parental units. When I have out Little Cajun Cowboy/girl in my arms and am looking out of the breakfast room window I will have the pleasure to say, "One day, this will all be yours." What a heritage to hand down.

Yes, the yard art trumps any plant or flowers currently in this bed. Well, the following flowers do look pretty, but they are tiny. No match for a giant boot!

Al met some new friends while he was out there. Too bad he's the runt of the bunch. I guess that's why he's the only one that's come back inside since that day. Is that a maternal instinct kicking in? Nah, I just couldn't find the sticks that screw into his feet to keep him in the ground!
Plus, somebody has to be involved in upcoming pictures. (Momma Mkat's probably completely miffed that she's having to stay out at night. It " does horrors to her coat", she'll claim.) Wuss.

Saturday "Katurday"

Maybe this LOL cat caught wind of being stuck in a bed full of yard art. Hell, I'd rather be a zombie too. At least if you are "under" the earth during the day, you don't feel the Houston sun and you get to break through the dirt at night to come out and freak out any humans you might find annoying. Worth a thought.

With Easter fast approaching, it was time to dye eggs, and what an egg-dyeing disaster it was! Talk about a crafty FAIL. While last year, CC was baking away, this year the Kats and I would keep it simple. I've dyed eggs my entire life, and never has this happened. Everything looks normal below:

Everything BUT....why are the names written in black? And why are there so many bubbles? Everyone knows you use a wax crayon, yet in the CC household, there was not one to be found, a predicament we found ourselves in last year as well but borrowed one from a neighborhood kid. This year's conversation:

Me: Hey, honey, will you go walk down to ------ and borrow a crayon.
Husband: Sure, let me see if they are outside. Or you could use a Sharpie. It's what my mom always did at my house.
Me: A Sharpie?
Husband: Yea. Well, they aren't outside. I'll go down in a bit.
Me: Don't worry about it. I'll just use the Sharpie.
Husband: You sure?
Me: Yes

So as you can see, I am in NO WAY blaming this egg-dyeing (or egg-dying I should say) disaster on the Cajun Cowboy. I should have simply asked for better instructions about said Sharpie usage.

Everyone looks happy right? Eggs are soaking in color, and I've so far kept the dye off anything it could stain. They were bubbling quite a bit. "Is that normal," I asked myself. After checking on a couple eggs, I realized the dye was creating a film that could be rubbed off with a paper towel and while wiping, I smeared the Sharpie as well. What takes off Sharpie? Apparently vinegar.

Husband: You are supposed to write the names on AFTER you dye the eggs.
Me: Nice.

So there you have it--way too much information about my egg-dyeing experience this year. Blame it on the Sharpie or the fact that I got my Paas Easter Egg Dyeing Kit from the Dollar Store (I'm not hating Dollar General; it's all love baby!), but next year I've got to remedy this. Come on--three-year-olds can dye eggs!

At least our neighbors baked us some yummy goodies. Good thing--it's all the bunny would bring!

After watching the Sparties sink themselves out of a national championship after losing their Final Four game, I was ready to move onto Sunday.

We were rooting for your boys, Sparties, and knew a "dash" of salt would have pepped 'em up!

Sunday Funday
What do I know about Easter Sunday? You wake up and hit the showers to make sure to get to church extra early because EVERYONE goes to church on Easter Sunday, but before leaving, you take a quick peak at and quick bite out of The Basket. Yes, you might have a boiled, dyed egg with your name on it for breakfast, or you might skip the nutrition altogether and go for the m&ms.

Well, while you think nothing might scream EASTER like a pretty basket filled with fake grass that somehow manages to litter your house until Christmas and sweet treats, give a moment of consider to the image below:

Poor Al. It's all he knows. After all, it's all that I managed this Easter. No pretty baskets, no Easter decorations, no goodies or sweet treats. Just a bunch of shoddily dyed eggs with smeared Sharpie names in a Styrofoam bowl. Nice, Cowgirl, nice.
At least I won't be picking up that fake grass for months. There's always next year....

We did manage to capture some of the Easter spirit taking pictures, as requested, by the hostess of an upcoming baby shower. Thanks to a talented husband, he captured not only the photos we'd need for the party, but some to make me feel like a beauty as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

March Madness -- Duke and Butler tied at 9:15 in the first. Maybe this won't be such a blowout after all. Be sure to check back later this week for what I've taken from March Madness this year.

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