Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Week Without Meerkats Makes One....


You know, I'm shocked that my facebook, email, Google buzz, insert social media network here, hasn't blown up with the masses needing their weekly fix of bizarre meerkat photos. Really, "When in Doubt, Etc" (as my dad says) followers, where's the love? It's Tuesday evening, and none of you have complained that you didn't get your weekly Meerkat Monday alert?

Last week, full of hectic days at school and preparing to leave for the weekend in LA, left no time for meerkat pictures. Heresy, I know! To further my meerkat transgressions, I didn't even remember to bring the little guys down to LA for my baby shower. Blame it the a-a-a-alcohol, blame it on the rain, blame it on ... my knowledge of blame songs stops there.

I don't believe I took a single meerkat photo, and I believe the Mkat family felt this way about being left alone:

Luckily, the meerkat love has been spread to other members of the family, and guess what? There were meerkats at the shower after all! Stay tuned for the photo.

I haven't taken a meerkat picture since realizing I haven't taken one since last post. C'est la vie.

Maybe I'll catch up the tail end of this week and weekend.

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