Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whatcha (Google) Reading?

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of what I've been checking out on Google Reader this past week (and a few that have been on the backburner)

The Good

I love wallpapers, not the home variety so much, but computer backgrounds, and what better time to spruce up yours than Spring!  While I have no clue what Ubuntu 10.04 LTS even begins to refer to (I just realized in posting this that I'm talking about wallpapers and not screen savers), the pretty pictures make me smile, so if I have to be on the computer entering grades, answering emails, or typing assignments, might as well enjoy it. Find yours at this link originally scored from lifehacker.

Spring into the Kitchen
I'm not sure about how Cajun Cowboy will feel about these recipes since he's not a big mix-fruit-into-my-supper kind of guy, but he'll try anything. Apparently I've got spinach and strawberries on the mind.

First up, Spinach, Strawberry, and Feta Wheatberry Salad from A Year In The Kitchen:

The other dish I've got my eye on is Slashfood's Spinach, Asparagus and, Strawberry Salad. Both dishes simply look so fresh and healthy. Hey, it's better than craving cupcakes and ice cream right? Well, compromise with me; eat these healthy viddles for dinner then you'll have plenty room for a dessert with little room for guilt.

As the items so far in this post seem to be my signs of Spring Fever why not Step into Spring with
Nine West's take on this year's nautical trend. Friends, one of you must allow me to live vicariously through you, and you must purchase since  being preggers leaves me out of the market for anything with heels these days. Please, do it for what little fashion sense I have.

And sometimes The Good turns quickly into The Ugly

I like coupons like the rest of America so how excited was I when several of my Google Reader posts showed Starbuck's April 15 deal--Bring your own mug/cup; grab a free cup of Joe. I woke up early and headed to my local Kroger, home of not only a Starbucks but also a cereal aisle with Quaker Oatmeal Squares calling my name.  Bought the cereal. Proceeded to Starbucks where I watched one disgruntled customer walk away with her empty mug. Approached and said, "I guess you guys aren't doing the national promotion today?" Barista, "Where did you hear about it? Was it on TV?"

"Well," I wanted to explain, "there is this whole world out there called the Internet.." but I kept my cool as the lady who seemed to be the manager tell her coworker that she received some mail from corporate but hadn't opened it. I was there so ordered my $3.50 tall decaf mocha, and as it was being prepared and payed for, I explained what the promotion was all about. Manager says to coworker, "Ok, I guess we'll do that today too." Really, Kroger Starbucks? Really?

The Bad

Here's a bag I'm not sure how one might rally around. Boxed wine meets wino on the go?  Let's examine where new wine purse might travel. Bachelorette parties? LSU football games? Dry weddings? Concerts? For such a wonder to actually be effective, I'd imagine two things need to happen: A) the bag itself must become cuter and B) the spout needs to be removable to better hide purse's contents.
Because who really blatantly carries around their wino needs. Such a product should be all about stealth.

Now to me this is just silly. LeWhif claims to allow you to "experience chocolate without the calories and coffee without the cup" as you inhale flavors from it's biodegradable design. From a single shot to an 18 pack, LeWhif offers coffee, mint chocolate, chocolate, and raspberry chocolate to keep your cravings under wrap. I'm not buying it. Breathing this "purely organic chocolate powder" into my mouth will only send shock the system enough to want the real thing.
You want to talk food? Check out "What is Southern" by Edna Lewis, a post that given time will inspire my "What is Cajun" post/essay to hopefully follow soon.

Heads up Ladies. Fall Fashion is here?

Wait, really? Come on, Ann Taylor, we've only just hit Spring and you are already introducing your Fall line full of boots and fur? Can't a girl just enjoy some sandals and sundresses first? I'm sure fashion as an industry has to schedule itself this way for marketing and purchasing, but do we really need to know about it yet?


The Ugly

The Big Lead gave me my first look into Big Ben's apology along with this convicting photo. Come on--first you assault women in bathrooms while your boys guard the doors and then you come out for your public apology looking like this? Something about WWE slicked back long hair and face stubble does NOT scream stand-up guy at all. Idiot.

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