Friday, June 4, 2010

And We're Back

After an involuntary hiatus due to the perfect storm of research papers, a bout of pink eye, and the ever-unfortunate food poisoning, Meerkat Monday has returned! ....

Yes, I wrote that about a month ago. We now see why I failed in my original attempts at  Project 365. Since then I've just been, well, preoccupied. But let's catch up with a quick run-through of what the mkats have been up to.

Spending two days home with pink eye was pretty miserable, but there was certainly a silver lining to this cloud. My favorite talk radio show (sorry Smarties--not that NPR business) 1560 The Game (Double Rods), introduced to me by none other than Cajun Cowboy, has produced their own version of the NFL draft--The Seinfeldian Anything Mock Draft--an afternoon of hilarity and tom-foolery that  has shown tremendous growth from its "organic" roots three years ago. Your draft board? Drafter's choice--you can pick ANYTHING!
Check out the first show (I apologize for the offensive the chauvinistic male viewpoint; the show has since improved in content by providing far fewer overtly sexual references and more clever witticisms interjected by a slew of 1560 characters and a growing number of media members and even professional athletes looking to take part in the action.

 So I decided that I'd take advantage of the pink eye situation, grab an icee, and spend the afternoon working on the nursery rug and cracking up with the boys at 1560. Interested? Want to join the secret society? Scroll down to try out the 1st pick and 18th and 19th pick. Listening to the show certainly provides more context, but maybe this will tempt you. 

And I finished that rug! Sorry about the picture quality, but Al seems to love it; hopefully Baby will too!

With the beta fish dead and gone, Al has found other ways to entertain himself, including trying out all of the precious baby gifts we've received from family and friends.

Mommy bought cute Astros onesies. Yes, it's a horrible season, Uncle Drayton has managed to throw together a non-working unit AGAIN, and no, we don't know the gender, but these will work perfect for creating our own little Astros homer.
My mom, creative as she is, made an adorable bouquet for the baby shower in Baton Rouge. Rolled up baby socks and towels as flowers? How clever! Al thought so too!

Originally, Al wasn't too certain about how to approach this item. A lounge chair to sit by the pool with Mom? An Xbox chair to play with Cajun Cowboy? No silly Al--it's to bathe baby in! Guess we'll figure this one out in a few weeks.
We've gotten loads of packages after the baby shower (so glad our LA relatives and friends directly shipped gifts to Houston instead of us lugging them back from LA), and the mkats have loved coming home to see what's on the front porch.  This one contained our diaper bag, an important item to a girl who loves purses. Now I don't purchase many, and they aren't the fancy schmancy ones, but when I do want to buy one, I want the ideal bag and will browse often on this search until I find something that feels right. A diaper bag is simply the purse new moms have for a while, so I wanted it to be a good one, and this bag from JJ Cole is the one I decided on. It can be a shoulder bag or normal two handle bag and even has clips to strap to a stroller. JJ Cole FTW!

On top of everything, we've been doing our share of prepping for Baby Cowboy/girl. Put down the Nicholas Sparks, walk away from those research papers hanging over your head, and head for the riveting world of understanding how best to soothe your baby, get him/her to sleep at night, and figure out what in the world is going on with this whole we're-having-a-child process!

While I've done most of the reading, Cajun Cowboy has busied himself with more manly tasks such a building a crib as well as installing fans in the nursery and guest bedroom. He insisted on taking a picture without an mkat so our kids wouldn't think we are "totally weird." 

But it hasn't been all work. In between items on the to-do list, we celebrated (long-distance and alcohol free for me of course) our sister's 30th birthday. Momma and Poppa Mkat even joined in the festivities.

We also enjoyed dinner at Houston's Rainbow Lodge. Unfortunately, it wasn't a lovely date night, but instead a night shared with engineers from around the city and talk of projects and steel structures did abound. Company was lovely though and the food fantastic. Heading this way? Head over to Rainbow Lodge for some duck and andoille gumbo.

Finally, what does one do with rotten bananas? While you could throw them away and consider your 19 cents a pound fruity treat a goner, instead make banana muffins. There will hopefully be more baking, cooking, and food porn in the next few weeks before Baby arrives, but here's a start. I apologize that there is no pictures of completed project.

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