Friday, June 11, 2010

Sports Bites

I wouldn't trade my husband for anything. Yes, he's loving, kind, loyal, forgiving, funny, talented, intelligent, Christian, and ultimately generous, but sometimes, what I appreciate most about him is his passion for sports that has gradually seeped its way into my life. I've always played sports and enjoyed sports, but this man takes it to new levels, and therefore I find myself caring about which pick the Houston Rockets get in the NBA lottery and why the SEC might attempt to entice Texas A&M into its elite conference. However, even better are the little unintentional nuggets of entertainment provided by the world of sports. Here's what I'm chewing on this week:

1. Big Baby Davis (LSU alum) not only has the power to dominate the inside but has any uncanny ability to celebrate not only with high fives, fist pumps, and chest bumps, but how about with a little (or a whole slew) of drool?!  Perhaps he's working up to creating his own line of bibs? (Stay tuned to end of clip for beast celebration)

2. I have legitimate interest in Tom Izzo leaving Michigan State for the Cavs. I've become attached to the Sparties through the years thanks to our great "dash of salt" Michigan friends and a husband-induced interest in March Madness.  I'm not a fan of legendary college coaches leaving for the NFL.  Coach K should never leave Duke, Saban should have never tried that whole Miami disaster, and the coach who is the winningest in school history should not leave his home.

3. I was too busy to post at the time but who doesn't love the NFL Draft? This year's draft impressed me particularly in the sincere gratitude of drafted quarterbacks, but also as a way to test out potential names for our child as well as to pick up some new vocabulary. For one, I learned that as a scout, you are looking for linemen with some "potatoes in the sack." This phrase can be sheer motivation at the gym. ladies; you know you don't want to be that girl on the beach with said potatoes in your sack! And those baby names? Baby books have nothing on hearing names read out by the NFL commissioner. Ndamukong? Dez? Tim? Luke? Maukice?

4. Who doesn't need to know the reputation Phillies fans are earning for themselves? First teenagers running on the field earning themselves a nice tasing, and now this:

5. Finally, when about 20 Houston Texans walk into the bar where we are happy-houring, I may not know names, but I know enough to elbow Cajun Cowboy over and over again, going, "Those are football players. Those are Texans. I know it." to which he replies, "Holy #$@, that's Mario Williams" and the proceeds to tell me who the others are.

6. And if that wasn't enough, grown men wiping snot in another man's hair? Stay classy Kobe.


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