Monday, June 28, 2010

Words I Like But Never Use

This post brought to you by Words With Friends...

My husband officially has me hooked on the iPhone's app version of Scrabble, (Words With Friends) and I've been battling him unsuccessfully for a few weeks now. This is quite the disappointment; I'm an English teacher after all. He's an engineer, so why is he kicking my butt every game?!?! I will credit the games I've conceded (have to throw in some soccer term. when I can) to my impatient playing style and his ability to see the big picture. Yet I hope each rematch is the equalizer, and I can walk around shame-free again after defeating my linguistic nemesis.

Going toe to toe (or tongue to tongue-- now that sounds racy!) with C. Cowboy has got me thinking about words and paying special attention to broadcasts and texts for words that draw me in but that I never seem to use. Maybe it's the way they sound; maybe it's the way they make me feel. Something about them makes me simply enjoy their existence. Their presence on any type of Scrabble board is highly doubtful, but here they are:


And I don't want to speak too soon, but I am  ahead in our current match.

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Team Wallace said...

I am hooked on words with friends! User name is Geaux_Wallace, we should play!