Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Dash of Salt Added to Our Lives

As of 4:05 Wednesday I will officially have been a mother for a week and want to introduce the little guy who's spiced up our lives with love more than any other seasoning on the rack. Yes, calm down everyone, you will get your pictures to oooohh and ahhhh over  (plus a special bonus addition Meerkat update), but first I must tell you what I've learned so far about this whole mother thing.

Nobody told me how little boys have trouble keeping their teetee in the diaper. Night one at home and I'm rocking the middle of the night feeding/changing diaper/putting back to bed. I'm thinking--I got this nighttime thing. Next feeding--the little guy has not only wet his diaper, but his outfit. Ok, I think, I'll feed him and change his diaper and outfit and put him back to bed. No problem. Next feeding, new outfit is wet again! Since we didn't know the gender until Wyatt was born, we had far fewer clothes than we'd need. Cajun Cowboy was quickly updated on the developing situation and sent with clear instructions the next day to Target for more sleep and plays.

Turns out that I have an inner craving for pop culture gossip that I've been in denial about. Cajun Cowboy brought home the latest People and US Weekly for some "light reading" while I'm up with our Cajun Shrimp at night, and I soon realized that man, I just might care "who wore it best" amongst celebrities.

These magazines aren't just for light reading though. Turns out, celebs have valuable lessons for us and teachable moments abound with each page turn. For example, the wisdom of Lady Gaga shines though when quoted, "When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.'" I can hear myself now, "Bitch, you're Wyatt's Momma, now get up and walk the walk today." I'm not a L. GG fan, but this just might  work like a charm. :) Not sure if I wrote about this little girl but she also embraces the approach.

Mostly, I've learned that it is seemingly impossible to love more than I love this little man, and he's a daily reminder that God loves us this very same way.

This is what we've been up to:

First I was born and met my Momma and Daddy:

 Now I'm on the way home from the hospital. It was raining like crazy, so we were a bit stressed. Grandpa calls this my "elf" look. Maybe I will have magical powers--will keep you posted, but I've got my parents wrapped around my fingers already!

We briefly tried out the bouncer from Aunt Shelly, Aunt Mary Allen, Aunt Ali, and Hammy. This is one of my mom's favorite outfits by the way. I'm not sure about how I feel about vibrating yet.

And now we sleep in the newborn napper part of the pac-n-play from Grammy and Grandpa. Doesn't it look like heaven. Maybe when I'm older I'll invent one for adults.

Happy Birthday America! I celebrated Momma's favorite holiday in style (yes, the outfit was purchased that very morning and quickly washed by Mamie Jewels to sport today). The over/under on how long I lasted in this before peeing on myself....2.5 hours. Any betters? Let's just say it wasn't too long, but I was adorable while it lasted.

See, same day, different outfit. We tried our best to pose under the sign Uncle Rich and Aunt Kristine (and my cousin Rich J) sent. It was such a surprise and made Momma and Daddy so excited.  Uncle Rich comes through in the clutch. I hear he has this thing called "the vision."

  I hung out lots this week with Mamie Jewels and Nana and Pop. What a blast! They weren't lying about how awesome grandparents are.

(Ok, I have to include this quote about my mom:)

A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of her self.  And mothers are their daughters' role model, their biological and emotional road map, the arbiter of all their relationships.  ~Victoria Secunda

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown


(And if there are typos in this post, well, get over it. I'm a Momma!)


Erin+Josh said...

you're little Cajun shrimp is sooo cute. I didn't even realize you didn't know the gender! You are crazy...but I like it. My hubby LOVES the name too...and he rarely has an opinion on baby type things =)

Alisha said...

You are a Momma!!! Isn't it the best? The amazing thing is, with each baby, your heart grows to make room for you to be head over heals in love with them too! I want to come see you & meet little Wyatt!

Suzanne said...

Fantatic post!! Maybe the best I've ever read... well, because Wyatt has magical powers and makes EVERYONE fall in love with him! Oh, and I think that last pic needs to be updated as your profile pic... it's perfect!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Erin--you can use the name for sure! :) And thanks for the pedi rec. She's wonderful!
Alisha--give me a call or email me if you have some time. Maybe give us a week or so and we'd love some company!
Suzanne--will follow your advice.