Friday, July 9, 2010

Wait, you raised your baby WITHOUT an iPhone?!?!

Ok, so my title sounds like I'm a spoiled brat. Maybe not spoiled, but let's say blessed. I am thankful for the hard work that Cajun Cowboy and I have put into our lives to enjoy such luxuries. Yes, we'd do just fine raising our little one without it, but take a look at the top five reasons why I love spicing up mommy-hood with apple's contribution to the smart phone world :

1. THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! -- C. Cowboy and I spent 5 days charting Wyatt's baby patterns (yep, how often does he eat, what does his poop look like, how often does he wet his diaper, when are his naps, etc.) on a printed chart that he created while wondering if we should open the itzbeen timer given to us by a dear friend. Techno-savvy Cowboy, however, went on a mission and found Baby Activity Logger, a much cheaper version of the itzbeen and far more practical as our phones go with us everywhere anyway. Plus, we can sync our data, helping us both to be on top of the ongoing baby activities. There are even ways to view in chart form the patterns that your baby is developing -- all for a whopping 5 bucks! Hey, some people spend their 5 dollars on footlongs. This new mom wants what iPhone's got!

2. SAY CHEESE! -- The iPhone definitely helps capture tiny moments when the camera just might be out of reach. Because this wonderfully functional cellular is always with you in order to track baby's eating/sleeping/pooping, it's always available to snap those darling moments when baby is making the perfect face.

Exhibit A -- Contentment

Exhibit B --Praying with the angels

Exhibit C -- Pondering hunger

Exhibit D -- Perfection

3. ENTERTAIN ME ALREADY -- Words With Friends gaming and facebook updating -- When you are up at all hours of the night and waiting for the little guy to eat or fall asleep, there's a way to avoid falling asleep yourself! However, this of course comes with the understanding that your friends won't be replying or updating any time soon if you find yourself seeking a response.

4. YOU SAY YOU WANT PICTURES? -- The iPhone makes it so easy to snap pictures and email family to check in on their precious new addition or even share with friends on facebook.
Check out what we shared this week:

Telling everyone we made it home
Studding it up after my first doc visit

5. IT TAKES A VILLAGE -- if even a cyber one. Perhaps it's after a night of no sleep from our little guy or maybe wondering about how often he's "supposed" to eat--having an iPhone makes it super easy to email my professional mom friends to ask for their opinions and a sharing of their experiences. Even if it's the middle of the night (that's a motif  here!), you can count on a response in the morning. I love my particular cyber village and can't wait for all these "pitos" of mine to meet our miracle baby.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

love the pictures! especially the one of you and allie at your wedding. what a fun wedding it was!!

wyatt is ADORABLE. i'm so happy for you.

emailing you hudson's "chart" now. oops!

Team Wallace said...

FYI - there is also a baby monitor app and the toddler flashcards are wonderful for when Wyatt gets a little older. How did people raise children before the iphone?