Friday, July 16, 2010


Like: Cowboy's company sent him home with this awesome baby gem:

Storks AND daisies

(plus a gift card inside--free shopping!)

Dislike: Sleep Sheep cycles. Really, you go about 20 minutes? My baby loves the ocean more than that.

Like: Cajun Shrimp stealing Daddy's place on the couch!

Cool blanket--thanks Gates!
Dislike: Momma's inability to nap when Shrimp sleeps.

Like: Architectural design---ladies' vanity in our bathroom is lower than the mens'. 

Yea, so you can't see it in picture. Focus on the belly instead. :0 It was cute, but hey it's gone!
Dislike: Poor packaging leads to baby's photo announcements arriving, but only the envelopes for mailing them. No announcements.

Like: Thinking of clever quick blog posts to keep up the habit and maybe sneak in a nap while baby does. (See previous dislike) 

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