Monday, July 19, 2010

We're Coming to Your City...

In a couple of weeks this Cowboy family is taking it back to the hometowns and heading to LA for a week-long visit to introduce Wyatt to family and friends back home. One might view this trip as a)completely overwhelming and daunting OR b) AN ADVENTURE!

I'm going with letter "b." So pack your bags, ladies and gentlemen. Wait, pack your bags? Wyatt can't pack his own bag, and boy is that little guy going to need some stuff. Or maybe just Momma needs the stuff to comfort her knowing that "if" something comes up, she's prepared.

Here's a look at what's already on the list:

1. Sleep sheep (yes, the one with the broken 45 minute timer). I need to call the company about that. But at least this one will be super useful in the car.

2. Sound machine (remains on until you turn it off variety) that someone gave me for a college graduation present. Who knew that would come in handy. Good thing I'm a pack rat and can't throw away things. It's been in a cabinet in the bathroom for 7 years. A few AA batteries and we are in business!

3. Backup AA batteries for said noisemakers.

4. Baby Swing courtesy of our friends Team Gates.

5. Burp clothes--maybe ALL that we own.

6. Pac-n-play -- baby's got to sleep somewhere.

7. Pacifiers (might buy extra in case what we have disappears at someone's house).

8. Sleepywrap


10. Camera

11. Tide Free (for laundry while home)

12. Oh yea, the kiddo.

TO DO before we leave:
1. Set up mirror in car so we can see what he's doing if both of us are in the front seat.

2. Put up sun shade on window.

3. Load music on Cowboy's car stereo that suites Wyatt.

4. Drive around a bit more in Sugar Land to test the waters a bit and make sure he's ready.

So, faithful followers (all 4 of you, some of which have traveled with infants, some of which have had infants travel to your crib), any hints? Let the adventure begin!

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Team Wallace said...

We drove from Ft. Knox to Thibodaux when Twinkle was 3 weeks old and the drive was surprisingly easy. Only advice I can give is to make sure you time breaks for feeding and dress the petite lightly - it gets warm in those car seats!! Oh...INSIST on everyone washing their hands before they touch Wyatt and do not let anyone come near him if they are sick. Twinkle came home with RSV and having your brand new baby in the hospital hooked up to IV's and breathing treatments is a horrible thing for a mother to go through. One more thing - pack twice the burp cloths, diapers and pacifiers you think you will need and have the sleep sheep playing in the car - it is a lifesaver!