Friday, July 30, 2010

We are Proud of You

Today Wyatt will is a month old, and I couldn't be happier about each new way he brings joy to our lives. The obligatory my-baby-is-one-month-old post is coming soon (probably when he's a month and a half; we have lives to live here people!). But after looking back at the last month I must throw myself a high five for all that I've learned to be and the me I haven't stopped being with a tiny miracle given to our lives.

One month, two books. DONE! I finished Little Bee by Chris Cleave and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, both high recommendations.

I'm learning to nap when baby naps. Well, sort of. Obviously, I am not doing that now, but I promise--I can!

I admit to myself my weaknesses as a mother and vow daily to pray for the strength to transform these into unyielding strengths.  

Still chasing culinary adventures--blog posts to come: guacamole and my first meatloaf!

Baby unlocked achievements:
1. Putting on a onesie without driving Wyatt crazy. Who knew those things (touted as oh so convenient) would be so difficult to master?! After a day or so though, sign me up for the all-star team.
2. Cutting down on leaking diapers and Wyatt's watering of his room.
3. Soothing upset tummy!
4. Surviving month 1! Love you Wyatt!

All of these could not be possible without C. Cowboy. His unfailing encouragement when I'm doubtful, support when I need a break, and unbelievable fathering have made the beginnings of this journey not only do-able but FILLED with a beaming smile from my heart.

Hospital here we come

A Proud Pappa!

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