Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look Mom--I Made Quin-oa

So I've had my eye on these little grains for a while now, mostly because the name simply intrigues me.  Pronunciation is (k-n, knwä), and before I knew this (courtesy of Stephen Hebert, my teaching neighbor and apparent twin last year), I pronounced the word as it appeared. Quin-oa. Seems logical right? 

This week I decided to try it out, and after browsing through the recipes I've got bookmarked, chose Guilty Kitchen's Quick Quinoa Salad. 
In case you haven't seen the adorable pics of my 8-month-old, taking food porn becomes a bit more difficult, especially food porn of the process. For this recipe I actually cooked the quinoa and chopped the vegetables the night before while C. Cowboy put Wyatt to bed and then combined them the next evening for our meal. We took newborn pictures with Wyatt that afternoon IN A POWER OUTAGE! Hello lanterns and window light (although the storm made that difficult.) Turns out that this power outage lasted at least a couple of hours, so I was thankful to have this mostly put together.  Check out the recipe link above and my low lighting food porn below. I enjoyed it greatly, and Cowboy's opinion, "This isn't so bad for a couscous-type dish." With its flavors, it was a bit of a healthy Mexican hat dance in your mouth. Be sure to add enough SALT!

MMM with feta, cilantro, tomatoes, cumin, onions, and SALT for flava!

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