Monday, August 30, 2010

When in Doubt, Yep, We are Adding More Salt

 Not a cooking post this time, my friends, but we are added some spice to our social lives at the end of this week for some full life flavor.

Friday night the Nowaks of Nowak Love Shack came over for dinner. Our friends from Chenoland were supposed to meet us as well, but after some unfortunate car troubles couldn't make it. I made Barefoot Contessa's super easy Shrimp Scampi and Linguine. It's such a light, refreshing summer pasta, and after playing with baby, we ate it all up! Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures, and Wyatt was a bit fussy, so they will have to come back. We are counting on Josh to hold Wyatt next time while we eat anyway. :)

Saturday brought Wyatt's first trip to Lowe's and a side excursion to the Texans gear aisles of Academy. We finally got our patio done (clap it up for the up and coming outside time!), and the old furniture we had just wouldn't do. I bought it for Jacob when he was in his first apartment here and I would come visit from school. Yes, old!
So we hit Lowes to find out that we can save 25% on what we like if we wait until this Thursday for Labor Day Sales. Saving money? Check. Now let's just hope they still have the set we want. What, you want a blog post with pics when we get it all together? Ok.

Baby needed Texans gear, Daddy needed Texans gear, and of course, Momma jumped on the wagon. Wyatt bought Daddy's birthday present, a fine looking Texans hat, and Jacob and I both scored sweet tees. I'm sure there will be a future "game day" blog post where we'll sport them. (Ouch, I just promised two posts. Let's hope I remember what these are in the near future.)

After some icees (no, the craving did not go away when the pregnancy did) and rest, Uncle Randy and Aunt Kim brought dinner over.  It was so nice to chill out and visit with some of our favorite Sugar Land peeps, and Wyatt finally got to meet Uncle Randy who gave the approval of "a fine looking young man." Kim's pasta dish was almost the star of the show. Wyatt beat it out by a tiny margin.
With the Texans kicking the Cowboys' tails, we ended the night with full bellies, happy hearts, and a restored hope in the Texans defense.

Wyatt decided that he was not going to sleep through Sunday mass at 9:00, but thankfully did not fuss really once C. Cowboy was up standing with him. What a good baby. We have to practice. Baptism coming next week! Post to follow. (Note to self: you've promised three posts now.) The Knights of Columbus were selling whole chickens and sausage links after mass, so hey, there's lunch. Yum.

Our friends Bibbin and Jason came over with their two cuties to meet the little guy Sunday afternoon AND brought dinner! Again, yum! So now we have leftovers from Kim's meal and another new addition for our meal plan this week. Guess who loves icees, reading, has two thumbs, and will not be cooking this week? This girl.

NFL starts next week, friends, and the Sunday Best fantasy league is gearing up again. Sunday night was draft night, and we've got several new girls playing this year. I look forward to challenging Suzanne's reign as champ and playing against the new recruits who will hopefully remember to update rosters each week--that means you Wallace! :)

For luck, I went ahead and rocked my new Texans hat for the occasion.

A new pre-draft ritual

 I scored the 10th pick (out of ten). This is horrible in my opinion. Others like it because you get two picks back to back, but yea, so does the first pick and she pics first. Uh--frustrating!

All of my go-to people were picked up before my pick, even the ones that probably were a little off the radar.  Too many people doing their research, OR having hubbies help! :) I can't be a hypocrite; mine did a bit too, especially once I had such a late pick.

So Who's Who on Wyatt's Boys this year?

I did score Matt Schaub so will have a hometown fav to cheer for. Unfortunately the pick right before mine kept taking my next pick including Arien Foster who I wanted badly. Other highlights include Dez Bryant who will hopefully shine even though he's a Cowboy and the Saints defense. My mother-in-law would be proud for picking them! I did have to nurse Wyatt by the time that it was draft a kicker pick, but C. Cowboy came through and picked up my favorite--- Josh Scobee from L-O-U I-S-I A-N-A TECH! Scooooooobeeeeeeeee.

We'll see how the season goes.  I might even attempt some trades this year.

I caught up with the team manager, but he wasn't in the mood for questions.


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p.s. give my sweet Wyatt kisses for me :)

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LOVE this bath pic! And Josh better hold that cute excuses, play like a champ.

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A smack talk and sweet kisses in the same comment Nikki? I like it!