Monday, August 16, 2010

O Brother Where Art Thou

Borrowed maternity clothes from friends, my newest closet additions, clothes that are a big snug for now, flip-flops and flats from a pregnant end of the school year, boxed up "heels" that haven't felt the floor in over 9 months, stuff...stuff...stuff

Wyatt's Godmother and my best friend Shelly came in this weekend, and I was determined to give her maternity clothes back, so here goes the next edition of Project De-Clutter (my lifelong journey and sometimes Constant Sorrow).  I am not planning to have my closets done professionally any time soon, and there are PLENTY of clothes that I probably need to get rid of. But I am trying to make a workable space with the shelving I have. I will post finished product pictures, well, when I have a finished product, but I did some work during Wyatt's Friday morning nap. (I know, baby naps, Momma naps, but sometimes the Project takes precedence.)
Let's take a look at our tools first.  I have some Rubbermaid shelves (from college) in there and decided to re-organize a bit. After a busy school year and soccer season, these were full of warm "ski" socks, gloves, scarves, undershirts for school outfits, yadda yadda...just a mess! Thanks to C. Cowboy we have the Brother label-er which we use for our office needs, and it came in handy for the closet.
The bedroom as the madness starts

Have to get these out of the ordinary drawers. You just don't need them all year.

After a trip to Target, I've got a couple of bins for socks to clear out room in my dresser for t-shirts and shorts and whatnot, a larger Rubbermaid to store my maternity clothes, and well, some other knick knacks like picture frames that one of course needs, not for the closet, but for something right? Like I said, I will post fully organized closet picks later, but I've got some work to do.

Also in Project De-Clutter is a plea for help. I'm a flat surface addict. Give me a flat surface, I will make an office out of it. See evidence below:
The wrap around counter

Close up--wrap around counter

Phone area (and this is NEAT for me)

 And you haven't even seen the coffee table. I need suggestions for dealing with my clutter. There are things that I need to deal with -- packages to mail to friends, thank-you notes to write, Wyatt's baby album to work on, notebook for jotting down ideas, bills, magazines -- Help!

Do you have any suggestions? You can see my space. How do you organize items that you need out and about on a daily basis so you don't forget to deal with them?

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Erin+Josh said...

Oh no no ... those papers laying flat will not do. Takes up too much beautiful granite. You need a paper holder AND DEF a pen holder/cup. No pens around!

Here are a few things I can file the papers according to importance/urgency! Think upright!

And these are just cute for MUST DO notes...