Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's A First For Me

I'm a new baby, and there are so many things I've gotten to do for the first time ever! Let my proud Momma share a few with you! (Guess who started this post almost a month ago!)

I'm 2 months now

 Are you ready for some football?  The games are only pre-season, but this household's two favorite teams played each other. Wyatt sported his (now-too-tight) Texans onesie but showed his Saints pride with the great bib his Nana bought him.

Yes, this is Wyatt's first Mohawk. He's got the perfect hairline for it, so why not? Perhaps I should call this first the first time Momma plays "dress-up" with baby. He's got such personality already! I love it. Although, now that I'm writing this later, taking pictures of him is becoming more difficult. He's much more interested in the camera as a toy instead of making cute baby faces.

You've read the Baptism post. Here we are below at our first mass. Why is the church so empty you ask? Well, we got there early--too early. I was sure Mass started at 12:30. Nope 12:45. Oooopps. Since then we've made it a goal to get to 9:00 am mass. It works with Wyatt's wake-up schedule AND now that football is in swing, we don't have to worry about missing or recording a Texans game.
Wyatt's first Mass celebrated the Assumption which was super special to me. It's such an awesome reminder that we can call on and rely upon our ultimate Mother in Heaven. A woman of strength, trust, holiness, and love--a woman we can all shoot to become.

Aunt Kim and Joyce met us before starting school for Wyatt's first Ragin Cajun visit. This will surely be the first of many dinners out for our little Shrimp.

Guess who's had this picture a while? Yep, but give this mom a break. Here's Wyatt's first bath, well, the aftermath. I love baby towels!
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The force is strong with you
Momma and Daddy found their courage when we took Wyatt out for our first post preggers restaurant meal. We went to Grimaldi's where we enjoyed MANY a pizza when I was pregnant. Kiddo slept the entire time. Well done Wyatt. We've since went out on other occasions. He does a great job and makes it easy for us to get out of the house for a bit.

Smiling 'rents
I forgot that I did this, but here's Wyatt's first introduction to Butterball, the stuffed animal I've had for 29 years of life! He truly looks his age! This dog has seen my range of emotions and never left my side. I know; he can't. Butterball is probably my most sentimental attachment, but I hope one day Wyatt gets to enjoy his company. I know; he doesn't talk. Well, probably not to anyone besides me.

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Love the baby towel picture, he is so precious!