Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Wednesday, Time to Make Weekend Agenda

For C. Cowboy, this probably means setting the DVR for which college games he wants to see. For me, this means making a honey-do list for Cowboy and maybe planning a menu, hopefully something that can last into next week!
I want to bake. Man I want to bake! But the Shrimp can't tolerate dairy currently and what can you bake without butter and milk? There are some substitutes out there. I might give something a shot.

Here's what we'll (and by we I mean Cowboy) will hopefully be up to:

1. Hang outdoor clothes line

Cowboy found this gem on amazon and I can't wait for him to hang it. I do dry most of our clothes but hardly any of my tops/blouses/jeans/dress pants/anything that might shrink! I also received a handy tip from my friend Ann about stains. Place the stained piece of clothing in the sun before washing and drying and the sunlight helps to eliminate it. I've forgotten about this and sprayed stain remover and then remembered and still used the technique. Magic!

2. Replace a bulb in the den and in our bedroom. This one's boring. Well, it has taken 3.5 years for something to burn out in this house!

3. Hang up a new piece of art in Shrimp's room. Our dear friend Sarah gave Wyatt a sweet prayer, and I can't wait to see it on the walls. Picture later. Speaking of later, I need to go back and review those three blog posts I promised.

4. Hit Lowes for a flag pole. Every house should have a flag pole if for no other reason than to proudly display our American flag in respect to those who serve in the military. We've been wanting to do this for a while. It's also football season and we got a great LSU flag to sport here in TX. Let's get on it!

5. Lastly, one of my pregnancy cravings is sneaking up again. I hope to hit the mall for a pretzel and icee!

It's already Wednesday, so what are your weekend plans?

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