Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fun Dos

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea! I'm having a rough week, so I'm adding some "rough week" categories.


I'm worried about...Wyatt's belly. Digestive issues must go!

I'm stressed about...Wyatt's' belly.

I hope God takes care of....Wyatt's belly.

There I've said it. Now given it to God and moving on.

Outside my window...It's a beautiful day! Sun is shining and it looks like the outdoors is inviting us for a walk. It's a tad warmer than I like, but I"ll take it over our normal Texas heat. What a great day for a happy hour. Since having to move to formula for now, perhaps there is a patio calling my name for a date with Margarita. Pump and dump? Sorry for those that this is t.m.i. I can start talking about green baby poop if you'd rather?

I am listening to...the ocean over the baby monitor. "I was born in the sight of water...." Hey, I'll get to the water any way I can. 

I am LSU shirt hoping to will them to a non-messy, non-lucky victory this week! The front says, "Fearles football" Get it, Fear Les... yea, when you have to explain the joke...
The back says, "Putting the Nasty Back in Dynasty."
Let's geaux defense! 

I am loving...the fact that it's Friday. I swear we get a totally different kid on the weekends. Happy all of the time and a great sleeper! (This is a repeat. I still love it.) I also love the show Parenthood and my brother Rich.

I appreciate...  Nikki Wallace. Thanks for the formula advice! And yay that Cory's on his way soon!

From the kitchen...I just ate an early lunch...leftover taco meat and this coconut milk Jamaican rice. The rice by itself didn't have much flavor, but was delish with the taco meat. I hate eating this early, but when you are hungry, a girl's gotta eat!

I am so excited...that we got a cute Halloween set of pajamas in the mail yesterday!

One of my favorite things...the iPhone. Makes life nice. Smile.

I am grateful...that God walks me through each day and has given me friends and family that inspire me with their strength!

I am thinking about...answering the phone. My mom called.

What I dreamed this week ...  baby bottles. Hmm... something's on my mind right? 

I am praying...for my baby boy. 

Shrimp... He's struggling. Let's get his belly fixed God! 

What I realized... I am an emotional girl! Ok, I knew this already.

Planning for the weekend... fix Wyatt's belly. Yes, you see the trend here.

A picture thought I am sharing...

Greek Festival perhaps? Love to go this weekend. We'll see if possible.

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