Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fun

I saw this post over at My Life in the Men's Room and am stealing the idea. I like the fact that it's a quick diary type entry - a way to reflect once a week on where I am as well as something to look back on and see where my world stood. 
Maybe I'll change some of the topics or add my own to put my own seasoned spin on it. It will perhaps evolve as I do. Enjoy!


Outside my window... the sun is coming up slowly, and it's looking like another great day in Houston! Finally, Fall is peeking it's little head around the weather corner. It's been great for morning and evening walks with the Shrimp. it's raining.

I am listening...the Today show and the sounds of the noise machine (ocean) on the baby monitor. Aha, the Shrimp is stirring.

I am United States Navy t-shirt from my Ali and blue athletic capris. These pants are part of my mom "uniforms!"

I am loving...the fact that it's Friday. I swear we get a totally different kid on the weekends. Happy all of the time and a great sleeper! 

From the kitchen...I made quinoa for lunch to accompany the roasted chicken I picked up earlier this week and have been picking on. I made a baked ziti on Tuesday for a neighbor who had surgery Tuesday and kept a few servings for Cowboy. It was a killer to smell that all day and know I couldn't have any for Shrimp's dairy issues. 

I am so excited...that Shrimp is sleeping through the night. Apparently this might change as he goes through different stages and spurts, but I'm loving it. I am also in the second half of Juliet by Anne Fortier. It's a decent read, but I'm ready to be done. I get this way about movies too. Get to the second half, and I want it to be finished.

One of my favorite things... Whole Foods--dairy free ice cream snacks? Yes please!

I am grateful...that God walks me through each day and has given me friends and family that inspire me with their strength!

I am thinking family and Wyatt's sleep schedule. Every baby is unique!

What I dreamed this week ...  I actually had a teacher dream at some point.

I am praying...for my big bro and Rich J.

Shrimp... He's sleeping through the night. While the books/experts warn me that this might change due to growth spurts and different phases, I'm raising my hands with a "Praise God!" right now. He can roll over from his tummy to back, but not always on demand. He's just one awesome boy!

What I realized... I just spent the last  15 minutes with Imagination Movers on TV since I was checking out what my Godchild will dress as for Halloween. Come on. Get it together. Baby is sleeping. Put Ellen on!

Planning for the weekend... football it is! Big LSU game and looking forward to the Texans shooting for the win after losing last week to Dallas. There might be a little cooking, will be a little singing, and hopefully everyone will be sleeping!

A picture thought I am sharing...

I made these homemade rolls last weekend. They might make an appearance again  soon!

Yea, I wasn't going to leave you without a pic of this guy!


Alisha said...

Are those the french bread rolls? They look delish! SO glad you have a sleeping through the night baby! Isn't it wonderful? He is just as cute as can be. You're a great mom.

Erin+Josh said...

YAY weekends! We need another play date =) Shelby loves little boys...hehehe

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Play date for sure! Give me a call when you will be home one afternoon. We can take a ride out mayhaps. I stole that word from Chenoweth!

Alisha, they are the rolls you suggested. SO good! I love them! We passed some on to our neighbors as well who requested that I make them more often. They were easier than I thought and perfect for sopping! We had them with homemade sloppy joes!