Monday, October 4, 2010

So I Lied

There was much more going on this weekend than the football I mentioned here. I totally forgot about one of the biggest events in the last few months--my haircut!
It's a big deal--huge! I haven't cut my hair since before Wyatt was born. I'm trying to grow it out which is really just a vicious cycle. I have thoughts of long luscious hair then realize my hair is too fine for long hair then cut it into some sort of bob then decide I want to grow it out again then hate it for a few years while it's in an in between stage. What a run-on sentence!
I also struggle with choosing a stylist. I don't want a stylist; I want a magician! I have such fine hair that there just isn't much to be done with it. I found one I love in Rice Village, but unfortunately, we don't live that close anymore. When I'm away from Wyatt, to drive an extra 30 minutes each way is just more difficult. So, I tried someone closer. Here's the outcome.

I thought I looked great walking out of the salon. After stopping at the grocery and unloading my goodies, I am not sure it held up so well. I really just needed a trim to clean the ends up. My layers were all over the place. We'll see if it's easy to fix on a daily basis. Ponytails are great for some days, but I need some more mom style and hope to wear it down more as it cools off around here. Here's the end result. I apologize for the cheesy mirror pic.

I went to Toni&Guy with recommendation from a friend. They go ahead and give you this DIY guide to take home. Made me laugh. Mine included blow-drying my hair upside down. Come on lady; do you think you were the first person to suggest that? And of course other do-it-yourself suggestions included using their styling products.

Well, she saw me coming in the door.
I'm a hair product whore. I get suckered every time. I don't buy everything they suggest, but I'll take a dare here and there with ridiculously priced gunk to make my hair do what they do in the salon as a trained professional. Key point here-trained professional. But I always end up with something. I had purchased the dry shampoo earlier in the week at Target. We'll see how that goes. But here you have some body booster spray. We'll see if it works miracles.

While I got out of the house for a bit, Wyatt hung out with Cowboy. Isn't he a cutie just chilling in his jammies on Saturday morning? I hear they went for a walk and had a great nap.

After Momma got back, baby got fed, and Daddy got dressed, it was time to hit our neighborhood's annual International Music Festival. We went last year after participating in the Race for the Cure and replenishing our strength with homemade bloody marys. This year, not so much. One major event per day, sometimes even per weekend.

So this was Shrimp's first ride in a limo bus, "stripper", I mean safety pole and all. Check out the mirrored ceilings. He rides in style.

We need a name for this elephant. It's his republican elephant, but needs a name. Nowak suggestions???
This is how Wyatt spent his time. Apparently the kid group on stage just didn't amuse him. There were some bad mamma jamma jump ropers. I never knew how kick@$$ jumping rope could be!
Now we get to the football. I don't have enough pics with me and the bebe, but I always look like a mess anyway (see below). Regardless, it's time to capture the cutie with his Momma.

Kid watching the game instead

This is my I'm angry at Les Miles face
Shrimp used halftime for a workout of his own. Pay close attention to the details, Friends. For example, notice his attempt to grab the toy with his left hand. We're working on that one. He's also quite adept at using his right hand to manipulate his pacifier. Perhaps he's preparing for a mouth guard? Do we have a dual sport athlete in the house? Methinks so.

LSU game quotables:

"Les Miles has a shamrock up his @$$" -Cowboy
And here's one of his facebook updates -

Les Miles proves his genius again. Most people would have spiked it on third down, but he had the foresight to sub in players to get TN to panic. What a genius. I AM NOT being sarcastic. AT ALL.

 The Tigers won in a spout of luck at the end of the game. I hope Les Miles went to church 13 times on Sunday--one for each TN player on the field to give him the victory.

And that was Saturday. See, much more than football! Then comes Sunday. Check out this cutie below. He crushed, I mean CRUSHED!, his crib last night going through all layers of sheets, pads, protectors, etc.  I changed his diaper while he wailed because poor bebe was hungry, and couldn't make myself put clothes on him before feeding him. Getting a new diaper on was a task in itself, so after eating and before Mass he chilled in his bathrobe. This is how Shrimp rolls on Sunday morning!

And as if there weren't enough adorable Shrimp pictures in this post, here are my attempts to capture his cuteness in his first smocked outfit. I love little boys in cute little boy smocked clothes. He drew lots of attention at Mass today with this number.

And the Texans pulled it off despite Wyatt failing to wear the game day onesie. At least he was wearing blue. It's even close to Texan blue really, but we did fine! How did you spend your Fall weekend?


Katie said...

we miss you soooo much. can't wait meet wyatt and shake my fist at les with him. hope we get to see y'all for thanksgiving!
wyatt's aunt kat
p.s. i think the haircut is daahrling!

Nicole said...

Your baby is too cute. I want to just squeeze him!