Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fun -- I'm into words this week

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea! A tough week, yes, but a rewarding one? Yes!

Today.. It's all about the English language and what the unique combination of letters/words/phrases can do for your spirit. While reading this blog, a phrase jumped out and I thought, "Well, that would be a good title for a book?" Or maybe my life story. Yes, it's that interesting. I'm selling the rights if you are interested. Does that ever happen to you?

So I loved:
"a pocketful of blown out candles"

Then another silly one stood out from a sports blog--"Steve Slaton Syndrome." That has no meaning. It will not be the title of my memoir. Let's hope not anyway. Can't imagine how it would feel about me dropping the ball in every aspect of my life! I just liked it.

Outside my window... it's early! Shrimp woke up at 6:00 thanks to ye ole daylight savings time.  He did go back to sleep though. Unfortunately, when Momma wakes up, Momma stays up.

I am listening to... the soundtrack in my head. Today it includes "Stuck Like Glue" and "Her Man." Not sure if that's the title or not. It's a country song I heard yesterday on the radio. Funny that when I get up with Wyatt and go back to sleep after, usually some country song runs through me head as I try to fall back asleep.

I am wearing... jammies. Need to change to we can walk when he wakes up.

I am loving...thinking about Christmas! I want to decorate, but I know we'll get tired of being "in the spirit" too soon. So I'll wait until Thanksgiving week. I've started my list so if you read this blog and expect a present from me, perhaps shoot me your requests.

I appreciate... single mothers. You are strong; you are resilient; you are God's angels on earth.

From the kitchen...Slow roasted pulled pork in the crock pot? Yes please. Recipe coming in another post when I can food porn it. Yep, just verbed food porn.

I am proud... of my family. Life is tough, but they are working through it.

One of my favorite things...Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today Show. I NEVER thought that I'd eat up their antics, but my mornings feel happier when I watch them enjoy "Fun-day"(Monday) and "Wines-day" (Wednesday). Oh the life...

I am grateful... for libraries. Yes, I might be on hold for several of the books I want to read, but hey, they'll be free! By free I mean, I pay for them with our taxes.

I am thinking about... ..... writing this blog? Lame.

What I dreamed this week ...  Last night was the only one I can remember, but Uncle Ken, Frasier, JuJu, and a few others made an appearance. I went from event to event like I was traveling with the Ghost of Christmas Past or something. Hey, there's Christmas again! Can't wait to watch SCROOGE!

I am praying...for wisdom.

Shrimp... is making us laugh. I love watching him play with his hands. He's also in a much better mood before bedtime these days. Wait, should I delete those words. Is this bad juju?

What I realized... We control our actions and reactions.

Planning for the weekend.. visitors! Hopefully you'll see a great post next week of our time with Grammie and Grandpa. They might just be "the most interesting grandparents in the world." 

A picture thought I am sharing...

We love our Michigan friends!

Hey Erik--add some more salt, will ya!

Did someone say Christmas? Guess who's not preggers?!

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