Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Save the Words

My beautifully inspirational gem of a friend Michelle posted this link on facebook, so here we go. Let's save some words.

Take time to find the moments that adimpleate  (oh wow! these words are dying as the spell checker radar is sending off its red, underlining siren!) our lives with the peace, joy, and strength we need to obarmate ourselves against the forces of self-doubt, greed, and selfishness that seek to pessundate the beauty of our souls.

Listen only to freeing sounds that fill the vacivity of your heart and create your own soundtrack of bliss instead of the blateration of pettiness.

May kind speech be primifluous. May warm embraces be solvents for lugent neighbors and friends. You will surely be met with redamancy, and the world will revolve with as a place of lococession and good will.

We are bigger than rogalian forces of the destruction. We are stronger than the decutient will of those without light.

Resarciate with the innocent child within and spread your beauty through the earth like the majestic nubivagant eagle.

And heck...

If all else fails, seek the haven of your kitchen and make use of lardlets for your night's meal. Everything's better with bacon!

(A paper like this would surely annoy English teachers everywhere!)

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