Monday, November 8, 2010

A Weekend With our Big(ger) Boy

As's that sweet little Shrimp. 

On Saturday we got all dressed up to eat lunch with the Lahads and Kenny and Daphne.This little guy is all fired up for our first restaurant outing since finding out about dairy issues. Thank you Ruggles Green for the small dairy free bites on your menu.

I love sleeping babies. Shrimp sneaked in a nap on the way there.

And then... PLAYTIME! After walking outside, we went for some tummy time and witnessed Shrimp's first back to stomach roll! He's been rolling tummy to back for a while, but this switcheroo is new. We captured it on video (after it was rolling for 2 minutes) so we'll try to cut that down before posting.

He's definitely proud of himself!

 And what better way to end a Saturday than with some antics of the Mad Hatter. 

That's right, Les Smiles pulled out more tricks to put this victory smile on the big guy's face.


Here's that little angel sleeping again. On the way to Church he cracked me up with his grip on the toys. Notice the left hand. Daddy will be proud.

And if being an all-star left-handed pitcher doesn't work out, Shrimp might be the world's next best botanist. He loves trees!

My trip to the grocery store brought home these bad boys. These are grapes, my friends, giant grapes!
If they shipped well, I'd send you some Blue Eyed Bride!

And finally it's time to call it a night. Shrimp had finger for dessert. See ya next weekend!

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