Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea! A tough week, yes, but a rewarding one? Yes!


Outside my window... the wind is lulling me to an early bedtime! 

I am listening to... UCF take it to our Houston Cougs. I say "our" only because you have to root for the home team right? But I really would like to see them become something special. YES! Cougs score!

I am wearing... Cowboy's TCU shirt and jammie pants. Cheering for Houston Cougars, sporting a TCU shirt---wait, where am I from?

I am loving...avocados (in the form of homemade guac) and steak. We have both once a week these days.

I appreciate... the Fall weather. I know that card is overplayed, but after such a hot summer, it's simply refreshing.

From the kitchen...Bacon wrapped asparagus serving as a side to bacon wrapped salmon was ok the first time but just overdone the second. I burped it all night!
I am loving this rice. The first time I made it with brown rice and actually think I liked it better.  It's super easy and can be a great side or even burrito filling.

I am proud... myself for working through Shrimp's eating phases.

One of my favorite things...BOOKS! I finished The Help (great if you haven't read) and have 5 books requested at the library. I do hope one of them makes the transfer soon because I'm just craving something good to read.

I am grateful... for Cowboy.  

I am thinking about... what snack I want before bed tonight and that the meerkat family needs to make a blog appearance.

What I dreamed this week ...  The only dream I vividly remember was visiting my younger brother who was in college except it was now and he's not in college. Strange.

I am thanksgiving. 

Shrimp... gained weight! Did you hear that? GAINED WEIGHT! A bunch! Now let's just keep it up. He's such a cutie and quite the mover. He's so active and interested in the world. It's a joy to watch but surely some exercise to keep up with this little guy. This week he's loving trees.

What I realized... I'm ok and it'll be alright again.

Planning for the weekend.. can't wait to see some of our favorite Houston friends for lunch tomorrow. Then we'll come home to watch the Tigers (hopefully) take it to Satan (I mean Saban) and Alabama. Cowboy assures me that our top notch defense will make for a close game. Let's see if some sort of Jefferson/Lee combination can put some points on the board.

A picture thought I am sharing...

Yep, it's been on the mind. We'll take some pictures of our big(ger) boy this weekend to celebrate!


Alisha Oldroyd said...

That rice looks DELISH and I am adding to my menu for the coming week! Thanks for THAT!

Do you own a baby scale now? I regret not getting one. I am getting one with the next baby for SURE!

See you Wed! (We said, Wed, right? Or was it Thurs? PLEASE remind me! My brain is gone!)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

I think we said Thursday.

I don't own a baby scale. I am considering one for next baby too. I just put the scale as his weight has been it the front of our minds for sure and we had such a big breakthrough this week.

The rice was fantastic!