Monday, November 22, 2010

Terms I'd Never Know If...

I didn't have a baby or play fantasy football:

40-minute intruder

Sounds awful right? Yea, google that why don't you.
He's bigger now and sleeps in the crib, but I needed an accent pic.

Worst to First

As you can see Wyatt's Boys are hurting this season. I spent most of the season in last place but made a couple moves up these past few weeks. Unfortunately, the boys will lose again this week to Brett Farve and Dallas Clark. How did that happen?
Maybe I'll sink back down to last place. Cowboy jokingly suggested that I, as Commish, institute a "worst to first" draft next year to score the first pick.  Totally wish I could, but that would be cheating. Hopefully next year I can just come stronger.

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