Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Dose of Friday Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea!

Outside my window... nice weather again. It's supposed to get pretty warm again but cool down around Thanksgiving (per Channel 2 KPRC Weather). Is it bad that the first item you read is about the weather? Can't I find something more interesting to post? Sure. How about outside my window in the grass there are a pile of feathers that appeared last Friday along with a hawk. As it appears there was a struggle, but no corpse. Bird fight! I wonder if the hawk took the body or if there never was a body. Call CSI Ornithologist. 

I am listening to... Ellen! Christina Aguilara is on today. Hope I can see it. That gal has pipes!

I am wearing... jeans and a brown sweater. It's plain Jane but all I could muster early this morning.

I am loving...SARK! Just rediscovered my copy of Succulent Wild Woman.

I appreciate... food and am so craving some sort of pasty. Danish, donut, cake -- I want!

From the kitchen...See last two posts.

I am proud... of myself. Sleep training a baby is tough, but Wyatt and I are working through. 

One of my favorite things...The wallet given to me by one of my students a couple of years ago. It's perfect to throw from purse to diaper bag to just carrying by itself.

I am grateful... for

I am thinking about... what I'll be when I "grow up." Today I want to be a newscaster.

What I dreamed this week ...  Don't remember much this week. One dream Cowboy was leading me through a real life Gears of War course complete with machine guns and all.

I am praying...for Baby Wyatt. 

Shrimp... loves his hands and I love watching him check them out. 

Planning for the weekend.. visitors again! Can't wait to see MamieJewels and watch Cowboy play some softball while we visit with Aunt Kim. 

A picture thought I am sharing...
Aren't these adorable? Saw at Target and couldn't pass up.

These are some of my favorite socks! They were free when I bought my last pair of tennies at Academy and are so soft!

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