Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things I'd Never Know If..

I hadn't met my husband.


My latest "lessons" include memorizing the colleges attended by some major players in the NFL realm---especially the home team Texans.
He names the player and I try to name the college with certain clues such as "which conference?" (which really doesn't help me at all!) or "what does it start with?"

So we moved on to Drew Brees last night.

Cowboy: Drew Brees
Cowgirl: What does it start with?
Cowboy: P
Cowgirl: PURDUE! (I was proud of myself. I had heard that sometime last year, because I don't know if you heard, but the Saints were Super Bowl Champs)
Cowboy (thinking he's clever): What's their mascot?
Cowgirl (thinking I'm smart!): Oil makers


Break included for Cowboy's belly laughs.

Cowboy: What did you say?
Cowgirl: Oil makers


More laughing

Cowboy: They are the Boilermakers!

Oh if I hadn't met you dear, I'd never know that!

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