Friday, December 3, 2010

First December Friday Fun

Man Cowboy says some funny things. This week: "Surgeon General's Warning: Watch out for the cool Brees."

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea. 


Outside my window... nice outside! Houston's Fall brings a high of 68. The neighborhood is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  It's great to see so many houses with lights and decorations. Cowboy and I put ours up last Sunday during Shrimp's morning nap. (Well, what should have been a nap. There was lots of playing going on!) I suppose I'll have to post pictures soon, although the lights are no different than last year so maybe I can just use one of those! 

I am listening to... the house creak. Man it makes lots of noises.

I am wearing... jeans and "hoodie." Why I have this category on here--I have no idea. Maybe it's just to celebrate the days I actually get dressed up around here. Heck, today I have on lipstick, real certified lipstick!

I am store rotisserie chicken. I buy one on the weekends and use it for wraps and sandwiches all week for lunch. Can't beat it.

I appreciate... Andre Johnson.

From the kitchen...Made a couple of soups this week and Cowboy made gumbo last weekend, so it was leftovers galore which was nice. No cooking during the week! We tried Chipotle Pumpkin on Monday, and while it was quite tasty, it would better serve as an appetizer to a fancy dinner than a stand alone supper on a weeknight. I also made this soup courtesy of Rachael Ray. I'm usually not a huge fan, but some of her meals are quite tasty, this being one of them. 

I am proud... my friend Shelly, the reader!

One of my favorite things...satsumas! And even better--peeling them in one piece!

I am grateful... for the season of Advent and a time to think about (and do!) prepare our hearts for Christ's birthday!

I am thinking about... the trip to Target I will make at some point today.

What I dreamed this week ...  a gang started by my old students? Except they were going to be a good gang. Where does that come from?

I am praying...for a happy-go-lucky weekend for all!

Shrimp... loves his hands like they are the greatest thing on earth! 

What I realized... yes, every baby is unique. 

Planning for the weekend.. chilling, maybe grilling. I see steaks in my future. We might take Shrimp to meet Santa on Sunday.
A big surprise blog coming towards the end of weekend/beginning of next week.

A picture thought I am sharing...

I'm five months old! Will have to blog that soon.

Just don't do it! Returned to library about 30 pages in.

Thanks Mom for this holiday "happy!"

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