Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Wyatt

You are five months old today sweet boy! (Ok, now I'm finishing this a few days later!) I am amazed at how fast the time has flown and can only imagine how much faster it goes. I want you to know that you touch our lives in so many special ways, and I thank God every day for the miracle of you. I'm so excited to see the little boy and man you'll become.
Some mommies grieve at how the time passes, but I don't feel that way. Maybe I'm a bad Momma for that, but I think I am too busy being caught up in the excitement that each new stage brings. It's amazing to watch you grow up and discover our world.

A few of your favorites:
*iPhones -- you love watching videos or trying to eat it when I talk to friends and family on speaker phone.
*Your hands -- they keep you from eating and sleeping sometimes because they are so darn interesting. Your newest trick is opening and closing them and scratching whatever you can in the meantime.
*Standing up -- it just might be your favorite state to be in.
*Football -- you still love watching this game that you Daddy loves so dearly.
*Playing in your crib -- yes, sometimes you should be sleeping but you love rolling around and staring at the fabric around you. This is the reason your little brother or sister will have PLAIN bedding!

And here are some things that I love about you:
You humor me!

5 months and growing!

You can't get any cuter!

You love everything around you--kisses for Piglet!

You are so curious about your world!

You light our hearts with your smile

You love watching the visualizer on iTunes

My hands, your feet -- doesn't matter. They are going in the mouth!

You love being outside
There are so many wonderful memories that you've give us, and we can't wait for a lifetime of more love, more joy, more warmth in our home because you are in it.

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