Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New EPSN -- ESPNW for You and Me

I'm not sure what I think about this. Part of me goes all "what, the real ESPN isn't good enough for us, and are we, those into sports, that stupid to not understand the regular broadcast and media?" But another part welcomes a site created with our lovely gender in mind. As proposed to be "a destination for women who are passionate sports fans and athletes" that hopes to be "surprising, informative and inspiring, because we created it just for you," I wonder what exactly makes it for women. Will it be the content? At first glance I see more front page coverage of women's college b-ball than I'd see on an ESPN page. It also appears to be more about the articles than a quick look at scores/stats/etc.

I'm a fan of the side bar containing what's hot on ESPN (although part of me screams, "yes, thank you for referring me to the 'real' site.") It also briefs me on other web gems not on the ESPN network. That's a nice plus. Finally the "Thing To Do Near You" section is great in motivating us to get off our butts and hit the pavement for some exercise.

I appreciate what seems to be an all female contributing staff, although I don't know if that's certain yet. It's just what I see at first glance. What I will be looking for though, is a writer with Bill Simmons style. Give me my sports news; give me some commentary. But also be sure to supply me with witty metaphors and salty commentary outside of the box.  Inform me. Entertain me. I'm looking forward to what you have to say.

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